Sunday, January 4, 2015

December's Last Post

Oops!  Make that December's LOST Post!!

The following pictures were posted on my quilt bee's blog, but never posted here.  :o((

At my Bee's Holiday Pot Luck Party, I showed off my next-to-last custom tote bag:

AND... the VERY LAST custom tote bag (for this year.)  Hooray!!!

The Custom CK Tote Bag project was a LOT of work!  It was also a TON of FUN to use up a bit of my fabric stash making the bags for some of my fellow Criminal Knitters!!  Turning T-shirts into bags was an idea that I came up with after considering all of the quilts that I have made.  I decided that if I can recycle a T-shirt into a quilt... why not into a tote bag?!  Threebagsfulled and I got the prototypes and then, in the Fall of 2014, I offered them up to the membership at large.

What a relief to have finished the last of the bags!!!

If you were a bag recipient, thank you for your patience!  Each bag was designed with your own personal specifications in mind.  I realize that 6 weeks seems like a LONG TIME to wait for a tote bag, but it takes time to create a masterpiece.  :o))

Also, thank you, to Hilary Latimer of Criminal Knits (for the serial knitter in all of us), for allowing me (and my sewing) to represent your company.  Hilary (aka Threebagsfulled) can be found on Ravelry in the Criminal Knits group.  She is currently presenting The 2015 Knitting Game - The Mystery of the Traveling Scarf is a 46 week MKAL.  That's a Mystery Knit-A-Long, for those of you who are non-knitters.  For those of you who knit, come join in the FUN!!  There will be FREE patterns sprinkled throughout the year so that you can use the stitches from the MKAL in fun and interesting ways, for gifts or additional wearables for yourself.

Contact me on Ravelry, if you missed the Fall issue of CK Bags... Spring is coming!!!

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!

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