Friday, January 30, 2015

Design Floor Friday - GIMQ Link-up

Thanks for coming back for the next edition of Design Floor Friday!  No progress has been made on my Paint Chip Challenge quilt so I cleared away the pieces. Today you will see a different project on the design floor.

What now, Joyful?

I laid out my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt (GIMQ) in hopes of figuring out what to do about borders.  Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame, was (supposed to be) having a link-up today.  I popped over to share my progress (or lack thereof, but I haven't seen the post yet.)  If she's a night-owl, I'll just have to hope that the link-up will be open tomorrow because I am off to bed in just a little while.  Early to bed, early to rise and all that stuff!  :o))

Here are the layouts that I've been contemplating:

Set like Bonnie's.

Alternating the "star points" to point in and then out (just to be different.)

Pardon the feet!  This shows the way I ultimately decided to sew the "border units" together...

However, the verdict is still out as to how I will actually border the quilt.  I'm not quite sure the last photo does it for me, either.  The other option that I've come up with is using a method that Pat Sloan uses on some of her quilts.  It's a sort of color progression, as well as a progression of strip sizes.

Scrappy, of course!

I'll do a couple of "rounds" (yes, I'm a knitter who is currently knitting a project "in the round"!) of say 1" strips of one color (I'm thinking yellow), followed by a couple of "rounds" of 2" strips of another color (Possibly purple or green.)  That will be followed by binding in a third color (Probably whichever color I don't use as the 2nd border.)  Hopefully, Bonnie will have another link-up next month.  I just MIGHT have sewn the borders on!!

I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you.  I've been known to take YEARS to move to the next step in the process of sewing a quilt top!  :P

That's it for this week.  (Except to add the LINK that Bonnie forgot about in all the comings and goings of her retreat week.  That's OK, Bonnie... we forgive you!!!)  Look for me at link number 29 on Bonnie's blog.

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, even if it takes awhile.

  2. I love the colors in your GI - they shimmer so well together in the illusion design! I agree that some border play brings out their best, though. I really *really* like the way you said you've sewn the border units together and the option with the points alternating.


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