Saturday, January 17, 2015

ScrapHappy SATURDAY- RSC15 - Week 3

Welcome to Week Three of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

This past week ScrapHappy Sunday got off to a slow start.  I slept late, had breakfast, and then got busy with paperwork.  Well, not technically paperwork...

A friend and I share a blog about our Quilt Bee(s.)  I post the meeting notes from these quilt groups. (Yes!  I attend more than ONE!  Doesn't everyone?!?!)  Once my computer ran out of power (I forgot to plug it in), I took a break to go sew.

I began with TWO String blocks (since the strips were already on the sewing table.)

I started to call it quits, but then I noticed a couple of background strips up on the ironing board and decided to see how far they would go as 3" squares.  As it happened, those two strips were just enough for the ONE Maverick Star block that I was able to put together before dinner  :o))

It's Monday and I have to tell you...

I'm starting to get the blues!  I think that Angela needs to give us a Color of the WEEK, instead of a Color of the Month.  After TWO WEEKS... I am DONE with BLUE!!!

OK, rant over.

It's still Monday and, after work, I made... ONE Maverick Star and TWO String blocks.

Don't you just LOVE that blue and white bird print background?

I was going to stop there, but more strips were sitting on the table.  What's a quilter to do?!


Make MORE blocks, of course!!!   Now, the space beside the sewing machine is all cleaned up. (Except for a tiny pile of small strips.  So... not REALLY clean, but I can MAKE something with those.  Just you wait and see!)

SO...  Monday, before dinner, I made... TWO (more) String blocks.

Tuesday, after work, I made... ONE Maverick Star block

What do you think about the pale-ish yellow background?

There was that small pile of cuttings (from yesterday) that I used to make... a BUNCH of Crumb "starters" which will be used some other day.

Just cleaning up the little bits of short /narrow strips.

Tuesday, before dinner, I made ONE String block:

I used the "No Peek" bag method when making this one. Otherwise, that country blue strip wouldn't have made the cut!!

And... took care of some housekeeping.  This stack of Hourglass blocks has been sitting on the sewing table for MONTHS!!

It was time to sew those together and get them put away... or sewn into a quilt. (Wishful thinking on that one!)

Wednesday, BEFORE work, I made 5 Tiny Nines.  More about those in a minute...

Because...  I started off with taking care of those Hourglass blocks from yesterday.  Some of them needed a good pressing to make them lay flat (and a couple needed to be RE-sewn, so that the centers lined up properly.)  The funny thing about these little blocks is... I can't recall where these even came from!!  I know they are mine.  I recognize fabrics from some pretty special quilts that I've made over the years, but I honestly don't know when or WHY these triangles were cut and sewn into pairs!

They looked so pretty all pressed and twirled on the ironing board with their "dog ears" hanging out.

Then, I got back to the task at hand... working with my BLUE scraps!!!  I realized late last night that there were some blue scraps that I hadn't tapped, yet.

What?!  Where???

I think THIS project might be my "real" Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt!  It will be SO satisfying to make something from these small squares that I have been collecting for so long.  For years, quilter friends have asked, "Why are you saving THOSE?!"

THIS is WHY!!! I realized that I had neglected to dig in my 1" strip/square drawer! So I dug in and found my smallest scraps of BLUE...  My 1" squares that I have saved for quite some time and I formulated a new design plan (and made them into 9-Patch blocks.)  Tiny Nines will be the name of the quilt that will come together... EVENTUALLY.

Would you have guessed that they were only TWO INCHES square?!?! (Ruler pictured to show scale.)

These Hourglass blocks are not ALL blue, but there's more blue than I first thought.  It counts!

And... (not related to RSC15, but totally related to cleaning up around the studio...) I got tired of stepping over my Grand Illusion Mystery quilt so I took it off the "design floor" and folded it up to put away (since I haven't been able to decide about the borders.  It obviously needs time to incubate!!!)  Some quilts are like that.  They need time to be.

There was no after work sewing (because there was no work!  It was cancelled due to icy road conditions.)  No further sewing was done because when I would have been done with work, I was at the doctor's office with DS2.  (No worries.  Nothing that a round of antibiotics can't cure.  We hope!)

After those 3 hours of fun, it was off to the specialist's office for nearly 2 hours of more...  Yippee! We found out that he gets to take meds for the next 2 years to fix his thyroid issue (that we didn't know existed,)  Oh!  And he can't take any over-the-counter medicines to treat that nagging cough that he's been walking around with!!


Thursday was a blur.  Here is a trash can's view of all the work I've done in BLUE:

I was busy with friends.  Coffee with the knitters in the morning and lunch with the quilters.

Then Thursday, after lunch, I putzed around with other projects:

I attmepted to merge two VERY different sets of quilt blocks into ONE quilt. (Not sure it's working!)

Are you getting the picture that Thursday was a VERY LONG day?!?!

Here's the swatch that I knit after dinner for the Unraveled MKAL that began YESTERDAY.  Oops!

I wound this yarn before bed.  This is for The Knitting Game MKAL 2015 by Threebagsfulled. I'm late getting started on this one, too!  (That's OK... Hilary is used to my lag time.)

Friday, before dinner, I arranged more Tiny Nines, but didn't have time (or the inclination) to sew.

Saturday, after breakfast, I worked on finishing this post and contemplated ANOTHER block that I might make from my scrap stash.  (I haven't dug into the 2" bin, yet!)  I'm having so much FUN exploring the possibilities!  Thanks, Angela for the RSC.  It's done wonders for my enthusiasm!

However...  I think this is beginning to snow ball out of control.  I'm supposed to be FINISHING PROJECTS, not starting a number of NEW ones!!!  The only saving grace is that I'm actually USING my SCRAPS for these projects that are escaping from my scrap bins.  :o))

And a side note:  In case you didn't notice last week... I have resorted to adding in the greenish range of blues.  I just don't have that many options for medium blues scraps (and, sorry folks, but I'm NOT digging in my stash of larger cuts just to add more variety to my SCRAP stash!!!)

Here's the LINK to this week's Rainbow Scrap Challenge post.  I'm posting on Saturday to align with ScrapHappy.  (It's the first time that I've been able to do that.)  You won't see a link back to my blog. I keep trying to link-up with the others.  It makes me sad that I'm having such trouble (as I never had a problem with linking up with Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville.)  Head over to see what the rest of them have been up to.  I'll join in IF/WHEN my problem with Mr. Linky is resolved.


:o))  ETA... Thank you, Angela, for setting me up with a linky!  I'm not sure HOW you did it or what I'M doing wrong, but THANKS!  (Now, let's hope I can join the link party on my own next time.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. What a great post. I so enjoyed reading about your week and seeing all the quilting you've gotten done. I love your wonky stars block. It does look like you had a whole lot of fun using your scraps. Great job!

  2. Thanks! The post was something that I worked on all week. That made it easier to recall what I worked on and how much I accomplished. It feels SO good to be spending more time in my sewing room... actually SEWING!!!

  3. You did so much this week! I really like the tiny nines. That one will be gorgeous!

  4. I'm TRYING. I really want to USE some of my scraps!

    Thanks for the comment about my Tiny Nines project. I think you are right... it's going to be a BEAUTY!!! :o))

  5. What a great week of sewing! All of your projects look wonderful and full of scrappy goodness.


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