Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Late Night Closet Make-over

Does this happen to you??

You say goodnight and head for bed, BUT...

1. There is a sink full of dishes, so you stop to wash them.
2. That last load of laundry is ready to go in the dryer, so you stop to change the clothes over.
3. There's a pile of shoes on the closet floor, so...

Wait.  WHAT?!?!

I realize that this particular task isn't one of the normal, run-of-the-mill "just one more thing" tasks that most of us take care of "on the way to bed."  However, late Sunday night I was on my way to bed when a pile of shoes (that had been sitting on the closet floor for MONTHS) finally MADE me do something about them.  They were tired of being a jumbled mess... always getting stepped on or pushed aside as I went about searching for an outfit.

The offending (offended?) pile of shoes.

What changed???

Well, I saw a shoe organizer on the internet and it was available at my local Big Box store.  It had been on my "grocery" list for weeks, but I FINALLY remembered to walk down the Housewares isle to determine if that particular organizer would be a useful addition to our closet.

Not the original organizer that I set out to buy, but one that surpassed it in functionality. This one didn't require taking up additional floor space and was $10 less expensive!

With that handy-dandy organizer and FIVE MINUTES, I was able to tame the shoes and clear the decks.  See?  LOOK:

I headed to bed at 11 PM and the photo above was shot upon completion of the task at hand.

The pile of shoes fit so nicely in the organizer that I had purchased (with room for MORE pairs!):

And just LOOK at the difference it made!  Here's the closet floor now:

BEAUTIFUL!!!  There's almost room to have a dance.

Yes.  There is still MORE to do to get the entire closet "whipped into shape", but for now, the improvement is remarkable and I am no longer tripping over or stepping on shoes when I go in to choose clothes for my day.

I am SO pleased!!!  (And the shoes tell me that they are feeling pretty comfortable, too.)  :P

Care to join me in a Happy Dance???

Until next time...
Happy Organizing!!!


  1. What a novel idea. Sure makes it much easier to store shoes.

  2. impressive. the shoe organizer is very cool.

  3. The label showed a number of uses, including yarn and craft storage. If it hadn't worked out so well for shoes, I planned to see how it worked for my yarn stash!!


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