Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015 (RSC15)

Welcome to ScrapHappy Sunday!


Scraphappy over on the So Scrappy blog at is hosting the 2015 Rainbow Scrap Challenge and this year (after doing a bit of blog hopping) I decided to join in all of the fun.  I even added a button over in the sidebar that should take you to her blog on any given day.

Goodness knows that I've got a LOT of scraps!!!

ScrapHappy has hosted the RSC for the past 4 years.  She started it in an effort to use up her own scraps.  Silly, quilter!  Doesn't she know that the scraps MULTIPLY when we turn off the sewing room lights?!?!  LOL

How does RSC15 work???

Well, ScrapHappy has designed a Sampler Quilt for anyone to use or not.  (I'm planning on just using her color selection as a jumping off point for my weekly scrap-ventures.)  She released the pattern for a 12" Sawtooth Block at the end of December.  All of 2015's blocks will fit into the center of a Sawtooth block.  On January 1st, she posted the first Sampler Block Tutorial, a Whirling Geese block.  Links are provided for various methods of making the block.  However, the tutorial uses the Easy Angle and Companion Angle rulers.

Why should you care???

Well, YOU don't have to care, but I'm REALLY excited about linking up with other RSC15 quilters! Any ideas for using my scraps is OK with me.  :o))

Also, this is GREAT for new quilters!  It's like a FREE year-long quilting class.  On behalf of all of the new quilters out there, THANK YOU, Scrap Happy!!  You are doing the quilting world a great service.  I, for one, appreciate your efforts (even though I am nowhere near a new quilter!)

Anyway...  Each month has a dedicated color and will be accompanied by 1 - 4 tutorials.

January's color is BLUE. "Not dark indigo/navy blue, not baby pastel blue, just regular middle of the road blue."  Last year, apparently, ScrapHappy sorted out the greenish tints,, but this year she's leaving them in.  Me?  I didn't add any teal, turquoise or aqua today.

The LAST thing that I need to do is start ANOTHER quilt!!!  However, that's just what I did today. Well... possibly even TWO new quilts.  I'm not sure the blocks will work together in a single quilt.

First, I got out my BLUE scrap "basket."  Next, I hunted down an old phone book (for the light weight paper) and cut out a few 7" squares.

Ever since Needleb started Big Blue, I've wanted to do a String Quilt.  It's not as planned out as hers (and I only made 2 blocks) but it's a start.

FUNNY!!!  It doesn't look like I used ANYTHING out of the BLUE basket.  See???

After finishing the String Blocks, I remembered that I have also been wanting to make some of Bonnie Hunter's Maverick Stars.  Look!  Now, I've made a start on those:

3" background squares and random triangular bits from the BLUE basket.

This shot shows them all trimmed up...

And waiting for the 2nd star point.

Here's the mock-up of my Maverick Star:

And then I chose a center piece:

Oops!!!  I didn't read the full post before getting started.  I got the BLUE part...

But, missed the part about no navy or pastel.  (See the picture above.)  Oh, well... the recipient of my quilt won't know... or CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P

I could have SWORN that I actually USED some scraps out of this basket today!!  Somehow, it doesn't appear that any fabric has been removed.  Hmm... perhaps next week's ScrapHappy Sunday will somehow begin to make a dent in the BLUE scraps!

Until then...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Hi Good start. I enjoy this challenge.
    You left a comment on my RSC post. Said you were having problems linking to Angela's "link-up" post. I'm unable to answer you as you are a no-reply blogger. To change that setting, you will need to go into your blog's settings and make a change. I can't remember how I did it but I looked around until I found the option.

  2. Thanks! I'm excited about the RSC15. It will be fun to use up some of my scraps.

    Thank you for the clarification! I don't understand what that means, but my tech guy hasn't left to go back to college yet. I'll see if he can help me figure it out.

  3. Great job on your blocks. I'm excited about this challenge too. You really do get lots of scraps used up. A couple of years ago I joined and loved it. When I started blogging again I was just waiting for Jan. so I could join again.

  4. Scrappy quilting is so much fun and helps to bust the scraps. Good start on two projects. String quilts are so much fun.

  5. You are off to a great start on using up some blues! Those scraps do seem to multiply the more you use them, but quilt blocks keep popping out all the time like magic! Welcome to the RSC15! Happy scrapping.

  6. I'm itching to do another string quilt but by golly I just can't keep adding to my UFO list!
    I just signed up for OPAM 2015 to challenge myself to actually finish one project each month. I hope that's the motivation that I need to actually get things finished.


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