Friday, January 23, 2015

Design Floor Friday

Welcome to the 1st edition on Design Floor Friday!!!

You may recall that last week I was attempting to merge two projects into one.  Well, it didn't work out so well.

I first scattered the Slash blocks on the floor (aka, my "design floor") and then I tried to figure out how to add an OLD set of BOM blocks into the mix.

Obviously, it needs some sort of filler (and to be in two separate quilts!!)

Well, I'll get back around to that in just a minute...

Monday night was Quilt Guild night.  Needbleb and I arrived early to find out about the NEW Guild Challenge.  (It's the guild's FIRST one!)  We paid our money and waited with the others.

Once all the money was collected, we each drew two paint chips out of a bag.  Apparently, more people than anticipated were planning to participate.  We ran out of cards!

The challenge organizers seemed a bit flustered and didn't quite know what to do.

That's OK, when we ran out, I suggested that we all just tear our cards in half and put the extra bits back in the bag for additional participants to choose.  I tore mine and tossed the second "set" in the bag.

Guess what???

The organizers apparently thought I had a good idea and announced just what I had suggested.  Problem solved.  :o))

Once that was settled, they went over the rules.

The Rules:

The EXACT color on your paint chip MUST be used in your quilt, as much or as little as you want, but the have to be in there.  (And no fair swapping colors because you don't like yours, or don't think the colors you drew go together - that's why it's called a challenge!)  Please hang on to your chips so they can be displayed with your completed quilts.

This is the first time our guild is trying this so something in your quilt must be a FIRST for you (first time using green, first time to hand applique, first embellishments, first time making a Lone Star with quarter-inch diamonds, etc., etc.)

No one side, or the diameter, can be longer than 48"

Have FUN!  Quilts are due at the October 2015 meeting (which is pretty sneaky - since it's our annual business meeting that people tend to blow off!)


After Guild, Needleb came over to have a look at the project on my "design floor".  (See?  I told you I'd get back to the story.)  Here's what she saw:

Why, yes, it IS the same photo as before!  Can they work together???

She looked and looked.  She didn't like my layout... So she moved some things around.  Sorry, I didn't get a photo of this, but I didn't like her design, either.

As we debated the best course of action, INSPIRATION STRUCK!!!

I noticed the gold in the Slash blocks and remembered the paint chips in my pocket...

One was Eggplant and the other was GOLD.  The PERFECT shade to work with the slash blocks that we were looking at!!!  (We were pretty sure that the eggplant could be worked in, as well.)

What happened next??

A full out stash search.  That's what!!  :o))

First, we raided my stash of purples and then the scraps to see if the "right" shade was there.  Let me tell you...  It was SLIM pickings!  (You see, I'm a BRIGHT purple girl... NOT a dark or moody kind of purple girl.)

Next, we filed through the BROWN/GOLD drawer looking for other pieces of fabric to bring this scattering of blocks together into a cohesive quilt.  Thankfully, that selection was better than the purples.  (You see... BROWN reminds me of chocolate and I absolutely LOVE chocolate!!)

Have a look at the comparison of (paint) chips to fabrics:

I think we are really on to something!


Tuesday, after work, I was TOO TIRED to do any sewing, but I took another look at what MAY turn out to be my 2015 DOQ Paint Chip Challenge quilt.  The GOOD news is that it is actually TWO challenge quilts in one!  It started its time on the "design floor" as my Art Bee Strip Insertion quilt.  :o))

It's a rough idea of where I'm heading with this piece.

I'm pretty pleased with the preliminary layout of this quilt.  My goal is to make a MODERN style quilt.  I've never done that before so... Challenge rule met!!  :o))

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!


  1. I love your design floor. What a novel idea. I've never tried that however I can see where it would really work for me. I usually use our queen size bed however it doesn't give me a good picture of how I want to put the blocks together unless I stand on a chair. Can't wait to see your quilt finished.

  2. You're right. Auditioning quilt layouts on a bed doesn't exactly give the proper perspective. On a really large piece (and a still day)... I've been known to use the "design driveway"! :P


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