Saturday, February 3, 2024

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC24 - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week, was a mixed bag. Arting was up and sewing was down.  My goal for the week was to finish up my Junk Journal January challenge.  Did that happen?

Let's take a look at how my week played out...

The morning began with some art time at Get Messy.  That was followed by lunch, which was followed by my weekly Zoom call with Knittingsuek:

Before dinner, I decided to try my hand at coffee dying to decorate the GRUNGY page for Junk Journal January:

MONDAY - Work...

Was followed by a family celebration:

TUESDAY - Sick Day  :o((

This was the view from my bed when I woke from my morning nap...

And here was the view as I settled in for an afternoon nap:

If you know me, you know that I am NOT a napper.  That tells you something about how I felt today.  For those of you who care to know, I had another gall bladder attack last night.  The 2nd in 3 months and the time before that (the one that sent me to the ER) was in October of 2022.  I'm not sure when the first one occurred, but I'm thinking it must have been at least 5 years ago.  Yes.  I will be scheduling an appointment with a specialist.


I'm enjoying the mental challenge that this new-to-me game provides.  If I win once a week, I feel like I'm lucky:

I went straight home afterwards to prepare for my weekly Zoom with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:


After work, I took pastries to Tracy's house and knit for a while:

FRIDAY - The stars finally aligned for Knit Group and a day off at the same time.  We even met at my favorite coffee shop, but either I forgot to take a group photo, I missed the button and neglected to check how the photo turned out, or I accidentally deleted the photo I took:

I had a laundry list of errands after knitting.  The first stop at the local used bookstore yields this beauty from 1957, I believe:

After dinner, I started on my next Altered Book Journal during my weekly TGI(A)W hangout with my Get Messy Friends.  A slim Reader's Digest Condensed Book purchased earlier in the day will be fun to work in.  Britt and I remained on Zoom for a little bit to chat once the meeting was over:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  The Color of the Month for February is RED.  I just MIGHT have a FEW scraps to play with:

I enjoyed two art Zoom sessions today.  The Opening of the Season of the Journal was bright and early this morning.  If you look carefully at the page shown below, you can see the notes I took during the session:

This afternoon, during the Welcome Party for new members to The Roben's Nest, I completed the next step of the prep work for my new altered book journal:

Yes. I was wearing RED for the new Color of the Month.  And, if you are like Preeti, you might spy some wine RED nails.  :P

Until next time...


  1. I'm so sorry that you've been sick again, Joy! Hope you find some answers. Your art journaling looks like it's been lots of fun this week!

  2. Sorry you've been sick, and yes, better check it out. Your art journal looks like lots of fun. What are you knitting? Looks like you have some pretty red to play with. Happy Sunday!

  3. My family and BFF all play Connections after Wordle. It's so strange how we can get it one day and then some of us totally bomb. Truly our minds work in different ways. FYI: We all got it today, Feb 3. How about you?

  4. Sorry you were ill this week, but looks like you’re a bit better now. Can’t wait to see what you make with your red scraps.

  5. Oh no on the gall bladder. I know my Mom had hers out shortly after I was born. That connections game - I kinda got sucked in when I read about it last week and I don't think I got back to comment! That is a tricky one. Hope you are feeling better and the celebration was a success last Tuesday. We have one this Tuesday.... 16!

  6. You got lots in this week, despite your gall bladder attack. I hope there is a way to make it calm down. Love your art work and your wine red nails. I just got a valentine red on mine!

  7. So sorry to hear about your gall bladder attack - so painful. Hopefully the Dr will help you out soon. I enjoy Connections but only win about 25% of the time - however, I usually get one or two of the connections. You are welcome at my house anytime, especially if you bring pastries!!! ~Jeanne


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