Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Wonderful Wednesday - The AQUA Mug Rug for the RSC

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here today to share this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  I usually end up missing post day and just add any project to my weekly RSC post on whatever day of the week I finished it.  This one began as my entry for September's ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge...

And then I remembered the ABC portion of the challenge.  Whoops!!

I was digging through my nearly empty AQUA Quilted Scrap Basket, but didn't see anything that "spoke" to me:

That's when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye.  The groovy bongo player attached to an AQUA scrap from Diane:

As it turned out, the bongo player had brought along their band of friends:

With strips already sew, all I had to do was arrange them and stitch the rows...

(Minimally) Quilt it up...

And bind it off this AQUA Mug Rug:

Thank you to Diane for sharing the off-cuts from this darling 16-Patch donation quilt:

Quilt and photo above compliments of Diane @ Stitch Studio

I have THE BEST time playing with your fabric scraps!!

Until next time...
Let's go SEW!!!


  1. Cute little mug rug! Playing with scraps is so satisfying and I've done a lot of that playing lately too.

  2. That's a cutie, Joy! I like the way you used different sizes of strips in it. That's a fun little inspiration print, too! I like how it worked for a neutral background in Diane's original quilt.

  3. So glad the Groovy Bongo Girl got another gig!
    Always fun to see how these scraps end up in new projects.

  4. I like the portions of the quilt with the aqua and the orange!

  5. Very cute! As I go check and see what letters I have to work with as I head to find some aqua....

  6. So glad you found the whole band! Cute little mug rug!

  7. too cute - the little bongo player is fabulous!

  8. Love your little mug rug. The bongo player and the band - what a fun find in that stash!


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