Monday, September 25, 2023

Mail Call Monday - This Month's Scrap Infusion(s)

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  Last week was bookended by scrap infusions.  Thank you to the following quilty friends...

Diane arranged for a "porch pick-up".  Here is the selection of treasures in the "Bag of Joy" that I picked up on Monday when I swung by on the way to dinner with Needleb:

Thank you, Diane!! 

Francine brought THREE bags of scraps to our Quilt Guild meeting!!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo because we wanted to transfer the bags before it got dark and it was nearly time for the meeting to begin.  Here's what the back of my car looked like:

Thank you, Francine!! 

Mari @ The Academic Quilter may have dragged her feet getting to the post office (and I don't blame her!), but she came through in a BIG way!!!  Apparently, fat quarters and fat eights are scraps in her world.  Either that or she felt supremely sad for the sorry state of my AQUA/teal/turquoise Quilted Scrap Basket because THIS is what arrived on Friday and it felt more like a stash enhancement than a scrap infusion:

Thank you, Mari!!!  Your package arrived just in time to present backing and binding options for my ABC Challenge entry.  :o))

You might recall that I also received a little fabric bundle from Kathleen @ Kathleen McMusing earlier in the month.  Was that just the week before last?!  I wanted to mention her in this post, as well.

Kathleen took pity on me with my nearly empty AQUA Quilted Scrap Basket and offered to send some of her scraps to me.  It had been SEW long since I've gotten any packages that I neglected to write up a post last week.  Here's what she sent:

Thank you, Kathleen!!!  I had fun incorporating them into my ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge project.  Dear readers, there is still time for YOU to stitch up a project of your own!  The link party will be open until Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

Until next time...
Can you say SCRAP overload?!?!

Pardon me while I wallow in the generous abundance go sort these bulging bags of fabulous fabric scraps.  Call for help, if you don't hear from me in a few days:


  1. You're so funny! Enjoy the abundance. ;^)

  2. The bounty of scraps looks good on you! I am glad you are enjoying them. I went through some of mine yesterday and wanted to scream...I am over it today!

  3. That looks like a fun bunch of scraps to play with! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  4. Too bad you aren't close. We had boxes of sorted scraps at my friends Great Stash Giveaway last week.

  5. What fun!!! I see a lot of great projects in your future!!

  6. Oooh scrap heaven!!! It is always a delight to visit you, Joy. You bring a smile to my day. Hugs

  7. Enjoy those scraps! Glad to see you have aqua again!!! ~Jeanne

  8. What a wonderful way to be overwhelmed--with fabric!!! Beautiful!

  9. You needed a stash infusion as well as a scrap infusion, hence the larger pieces! Glad you were able to make use of them right away!

  10. BONANZA! Glad I could help.


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