Saturday, September 2, 2023

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC23 - Week 35

Welcome to Week 35 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  In true Joyful Quilter form, this week was a mixed bag of art, friends, and quilting.

Let's have a look at how things went...

SUNDAY - During this morning's Easy Like a Sunday Morning GM Hangout, I fussy cut this magazine image and auditioned it on my background:

Look who joined Knittingsuek and I for our Zoom call!!  We enjoyed catching up with Britt this afternoon:


This morning, I put the finishing touches on my Window View of You journal spread from Saturday's Get Messy Class Peek:

I meant to share this scrappy YELLOW Beach Hut block that I made last week for the Neighborhood Challenge hosted by our local Quilt Guild.  Thank you to Pat @ Bell Creek Quilts for her inspiring little OOPS! design just perfect for a summer block.  Ignore the fact that my version could have used a bit more contrast:


This dripped on, splatted and embellished index card is my entry for Week Three of the Rolodex Challenge.  (Reminder: I don't own a Rolodex.)  The card was inspired by the following prompts from Rosann Whale.  They were ink stain, the color GREEN, and the word NATURE:

WEDNESDAY - Wonderful Wednesday - Click on the link, if you haven't seen my latest UFO Club finish.

Today was another work day, but beforehand I finally remembered to gather my tiny entries for the Inchie Challenge for a group photo:

Hopefully you can see them OK!  My phone camera had a tough time focusing.


This afternoon I enjoyed a brief visit with DS1.  Before long, it was time to head off to my monthly Evening Quilt Bee.  I neglected to take a group photo, but here was the small YELLOW Quilted Scrap Basket that I took for Show and Tell:

As I drove home, I spotted the HUGE looking Blue Supermoon, but couldn't pull over to take a photo.  This was the view from our front porch when I arrived.  The angle and later hour made it appear somewhat less impressive, but get a load of my orange-pink roses front and center in the late-night photo:

I'm not sure what setting I (accidentally) used, but no color editing done and the photo was taken at 9:45 PM.

FRIDAY - It was a VERY good day!

Why, Joyful???

Today begins one of my favorite months of the year, as Angela announced that the Color of the Month for September is...

AQUA!!!  :o))

Here are the scraps that I will work with this month...

Only a meager amount remains due to the quilt top made earlier in the year and the bag of scraps I gave to Knittingsuek for her midsummer Scrap Quilt class.  Fortunately, it only takes a handful of scraps to make the small quilted items that I prefer to make and anything else can wait until next year's RSC.

Another thing is that...

It was my day off, so I was able to enjoy Knit Group in its entirety.  We started out at at small table...

Thanks for the new socks, Linda!  Sometimes having small feet pays off.  :o))

Before the spacious 4-top near the windows opened up:

After a grocery run and lunch...

I watched a couple of art tutorials and then Zoomed with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

It was a very good day, indeed, as the evening temperatures are comfortable enough for walking.  DH and I did just that tonight and last night, as well.  :o))

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  I've got some (virtual) art classes lined up this weekend so I'll try to catch up with you all later on.

One final YELLOW thing...

You got a glimpse of my August RSC project at the end of the Week 32 post, but I never posted the completed pin cushion with its nod to the mark making frequently added to my journal pages:

If you look closely, there's even a hint of September's AQUA.

Until next time...



  1. It sounds like you had a busy but fun week! I knew you would get a UFO finish in this quarter!

  2. little feet! lucky! LeeAnna

  3. What a good week! I look forward to what you do with aqua!!!

  4. You have such a busy life! Love the little pincushion but I'm feeling sad that you have so few aqua pieces. Would you like some more? :)

  5. I still like my red scrap basket from you. Thanks again!

  6. Sounds like a good week but maybe too much work! ;) I'm looking forward to seeing your aqua project - your scraps may be few but I'm sure they are mighty! Loved the blue supermoon - it was gorgeous! ~Jeanne

  7. Looks like a busy but productive week. Hope you get some time off for the holiday weekend.

  8. Another busy week! How nice that you got a good picture of the Blue Super Moon. I understand we won't see that again until 2037 which means I will NOT see it again. Happy for you that aqua is the next color of the month. That's a color everyone can enjoy, though it's apparent you might have to borrow a few scraps! :-) Can't have enough aqua in one's stash.

  9. What an amazing photo you captured of the super moon! I look forward to seeing what you are doing with your Aqua scraps!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  10. You had a good week. Love your picture of the Blue Moon - I love the personal ones so much more than the great professional ones. Aqua will be fun for the month. Shall I send you some scraps?

  11. The moon photo is just gorgeous - I love the saturated colors


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