Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tidy Up Tuesday - Bookbinding - Two Journals

Welcome to TidyUp Tuesday... the bookbinding edition!!  It's hard to believe that a month can go by so quickly.  I'm here with a quick post to document an ARTventure Day with B.

Life got in the way before I realized that I hadn't released this post, but here's what happened that late-April day...

Just as May was on the horizon, we met to make our journals for Messy May

While there, I spied the Matchbook Journal that I made in a class with Ali Manning.  Imagine my surprise and delight to find that Britt has actually been working on a number of tiny collages, as evidenced in the photo below:

I neglected to make my completed, yet to be decorated, journal smile for the camera before heading for home.  Here it is after trying out the stamp set that I had purchased for just such an occasion:

For the curious among you readers, I used a manila envelope with the ends cut off to make my journal cover.  LOVE the built-in pockets that created!!  :o))

Once that was done...

My TUAC 5-Minute Challenge journal was made and decorated with a pretty cover from a junk mail magazine:

The interior of the former tissue box turned traveler's journal sized book was covered with a map of Sweden (in honor of my two Swedish Pen Pals from junior high school) and filled with a few pages of copy paper and a couple of old gelli prints which paired well with the exterior:

This one took a backseat to the Messy May journal where filling was concerned.  I applied the day/prompt labels, but only managed a few pages before the Get Messy event was underway.

Stay tuned.  Another ARTventure is coming soon.  :o))

Until next time...
Book it!!

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