Saturday, September 2, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 35

Welcome to Week 35 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week is transition week.  That means that we got a new Color of the Month by the time I reported in on Saturday.  I am SEW happy!!

Here's how my week progressed...

SUNDAY - It was a chill day in BasketLand.  I started this blog post and checked out the RSC Quilters projects that I didn't get to yesterday. Speaking of yesterday...

Here is the highlight of the Piedmont Quilter's Guild Show:

A Rainbow Blooming 9-Patch Table Runner.  My apologies to the maker.  I really thought that my photo would show the name card. Britt and I were extremely pleased to see this quilt, as we have long been fans of the pattern.  We have wanted to make one and, FINALLY, we may have found one that we can actually tackle!!  A large one just seems like too daunting of a task.

More photos will be forthcoming (in their own post.)


As I was visiting the RSC Quilter, I got a phone call.

Guess who won a Raffle Basket?!?!

ME!!!  :o))  The problem will be making time to go to Greensboro to pick it up.  Maybe NEXT week!  I was just too busy this week.

MONDAY - Wonders never cease Sfgwife and I made it to Knit Group on the SAME DAY!!!  :o))

(Don't faint, Phoenixfire...)  I started my OWN knitting project!!

Charged up protein (and some sugar) after the meeting, I went back up to the studio to do another hour of quilting on my Rainbow Picnic Quilt.  Only FIVE rows remain!!

TUESDAY - Another day, another row or two of quilting on my Rainbow Picnic Quilt.  :o))

Oops!  I finished the quilting:

A bit more quilting... er... well, removing the quilt from the frame:

This was followed by a visit with an old friend, which was followed by my monthly Evening Quilt Bee.  It was a productive evening:

I found a new book to read and knit several more rows on my new shawl project.  You see, I do occasionally do other activities!!  LOL

WEDNESDAY - A Sew Day with Needleb.  I used it to...

Trim up Rainbow Picnic:

Photo depicts the quilt BEFORE the binding was trimmed, during Show and Tell at my Monthly Evening Quilt Bee meeting.

And knock out the next step of my Epic Purse Project:

THURSDAY - I attended my Weekly Quilt Group and did some grocery shopping.  I showed off my newly trimmed Rainbow Picnic quilt.  I was running too late to bother with bringing a project to work on!  :o((

FRIDAY - During the morning hours, I got together with friends to sit and knit.  The afternoon hours were taken up with loading a new quilt on the frame and transforming my nails to a lovely (nice and bright!) shade of red-orange:

Look what Angela posted last night:

September's Color of the Month announcement
can be found HERE.

SATURDAY - It's my favorite day of the week!!  It's LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Join me, if you will, to see what ORANGE goodness has already been posted.

I'll leave you with some RAINBOW eye candy.  I spotted this Barn Quilt on a local (Hillsborough, North Carolina) byway:

Beautiful, isn't it?!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Yes, it is beautiful. You had a very productive week. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  2. That is a beautiful barn quilt. Congratulations on finishing the picnic quilting. Looks great! Love the nails!

  3. Love the picnic quilt, so cheerful. That's quite a stack of purses in the works. Have a good time working with orange.

  4. Love the barn quilt and the table runner with 9-patches. Sounds like you had a fun week!

  5. I really like that Rainbow picnic quilt, congratulations on winning the raffle basket.

  6. That rainbow table runner is gorgeous! Just the type of thing I'd also like to make. Did you find a pattern for it? Your rainbow picnic quilt is looking good, and your new nail color, too!

  7. That barn quilt is pretty spectacular, isn't it? I am amazed how at productive you are all week. I know if I listed every day, there would be a lot of blanks! Great job on everything. :D

  8. Congrats on your win! I really like how you post a week's worth of quilty stuff. I may have to try that format. Blessings!

  9. Love the table runner, too. Cute nails! Congratulations on the win! Good for you!

  10. Lots of activity happening in your corner of the Quilty world and rainbow quilt looks terrific.

  11. Love the bright, cheery colors in the Rainbow Picnic quilt - yay for finishing!

  12. A Blooming Nine Patch quilt has been on my wish list for sometime. I agree with you the tablerunner is lovely and a great size to get done. Thanks for inspiring. Love the barn quilt sighting. That would be fun to do in fabric.

  13. You had a busy, productive and interesting week! Lots of fun eye candy in this post :) I'm looking forward to more Blooming Nine Patch since I'm interested in making one, too. You're right, a table runner size is just the ticket!

  14. It looks like you had a very good week. Lots of fun things and projects going on. Have a great week! Andrea

  15. What a lovely week! Here's to another.

  16. Your rainbow picnic is so bright and beautiful! And oh, that barn quilt... I think I have to make a fabric one!!!


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