Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - A(nother) UFO Finish

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday (on a Thursday)!!  This week I'm here to toot my horn about completing Bluff Quilt in Brown.  I finished it up on Eclipse Day:

It's been on my Project List for approximately 15 YEARS:

Here is a close-up of the quilting:

And the obligatory Eclipse Day "moon shadows" photo:

Here's the rest of the story...

Bluff Quilt in Brown began as The House Quilt Mystery.  Many, many moons ago!!  A friend presented the Mystery to our quilt bee, The Joyful Quilters.  I don't recall what I was working on at the time, but I didn't end up participating.  Unless you count purchasing ALL of the fabric for the project on my first trip to Foust - including a BOLT of fabric that I thought might be the backing (You see, I had to make sure that I had enough, in the event that I wanted to make the quilt bed sized.)

Several years later, I presented the Mystery to another bee.  As the members of Sew and Tell worked on their projects, I was busy with "administration" duties and didn't end out following along.  That had been the whole point of running the Mystery for the group. 

Ugh!!  I began to wonder if I would EVER make the quilt.  Fast forward 10 MORE years...

Yet another quilt group and a retreat came into play.  It was decided that some type of a group project should be on the schedule of events.  I offered the Mystery, yet again.  Would it pan out any better than before???  I had my doubts.

I did make a start at the CCLQ @ The Bluff Retreat (2015) and even managed to get my blocks done:

It never would have happened without a late-night sewing session and the help of my dear friend, Needleb.  (Thank you, again, Britt!!)  Another year passed before the stack of blocks became a quilt top, sans borders:

Nearly ANOTHER year passed and at a Sew Day in July (2017) at Diane's resulted in completed borders...

... But... it took NEUTRAL month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this month (August 2017) to FINALLY complete the quilt top:

The longarm was empty, so what did I do?

I loaded (and quilted) the quilt right away...

However, a game of "Binding Chicken" (and another quilt)...

Prevented me from finishing it up right away.  That and the fact that I used the quilt as my "carry around" project for several weeks:

I'm happy to have FINALLY completed Bluff Quilt in Brown:

The quilt measures approximately 48" x 58" and may end up being a gift for an old friend.

Until next time...
Persistence pays off!!!


  1. Love this! Sew happy you FINALLY got to make it on the third try. What a great finish.

  2. Well done on the finish. It is a beautiful quilt.

  3. Congrats on finishing an oldie, but obviously goodie project!

  4. I have projects that are similar - they are on X years of the work/wait cycle.

  5. Congratulations on FINALLY finishing!! I love the sweet, traditional style of this quilt. Your friend will love it!

  6. I love when a project that's been brewing for so long comes together, and this one turned out so great! So homey!


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