Saturday, August 12, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 32

Welcome to Week 32 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It was a action-packed week with LOTS of sewing time.  Those weeks are the best.  Does that mean that I got anything done???  "Let's go to the video tape!"  (Oh, wait.  I'm not a sports announcer.)  LOL!!

Anyway, here's how the week went:

SUNDAY - It was a lazy day in the life of The Joyful Quilter. Sometimes my body simply requires it.  Blog hopping and laundry occupied my time.  How hard is it to throw some clothes in a machine and push a button?!  LOL

I should have been working with these:

They will just have to wait.  Right now I need more color!!

MONDAY - Knit Group was followed by grocery shopping.  Not much else got done.  The only exception?  I cleaned my washing machine.  It was starting to throw spots on light gray shirts.  I even skipped the white load this past weekend because of it.  :o((

TUESDAY - The LAST Sew-In of the the Summer at my friend D's house.  We were all dragging in the morning, but everyone ended up having a productive day.

I started by cutting the yellow for my Sapphire Star Mystery:

Moved on to the red, followed by blue:

In the end, ALL of Clue #2 was cut and ready to sew:

Too bad that by this time it was time to go home!!  :o((

It's Boys' Night at my house with everyone responsible for their own dinner.  Knit Night was held at my friend Cindy's house.  It was a lovely, relaxed evening.  I spent my knitting time applying THIS label to its quilt...

... FINALLY!!!  (I had to take the quilt from its owner to do so.)

WEDNESDAY - My Wonderful Wednesday post went live before I headed over to Needleb's for another day of quilting fun.  I didn't have a lot of time to sew before heading out for my hair appointment.  Just enough time for THIS:

Along with settling on a design plan which is a bit different from Alycia's instructions suggest.  What can I say?  I prefer to change things up a bit and make a Mystery my own!

THURSDAY - Alycia released the 5th and final clue of her A6 Mystery yesterday.  The result?  See it HERE!!

Guess where I went this morning??

I visited with my weekly Quilt Group!!  It was a pleasure to see everyone, but then I had to go do my shift taking care of my friend for the afternoon.  This will be the NEW schedule... at least for a little while.

BEFORE all of that, I sewed the rows of my A6 Mystery Quilt:

Here they are,  hot off the machine bed:

This is what I took for Show and Tell:

Judging by the angle, I probably SHOULD have stood on a chair for a better view of my project.  Oh, well!  Maybe next time...

FRIDAY -  Knit Group has been meeting on Mondays AND Fridays this summer.  I've never been able to join in on the Friday meetings.  Today, that was SUPPOSED to change!  Unfortunately, a neighbor suffered a loss, so I had to go next door to help out (and then I had to go work my friend care shift.)  I can NOT believe how quickly the days of this week passed by!!

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at So Scrappy!!  I was blog hopping last night and found something that you RSC Quilters are going to like.  YOU will NOT want to miss THIS Rainbow Quilt from Laura at Slice of Pi Quilts!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. So busy! Looks like a fun week. Love the colors in your Sapphire quilt.

  2. Busy and fun week! Now, you must pay attention to those poor, sad, neglected neutrals! (LOL)

  3. Your A6 mystery is gorgeous! I like the colors and floral fabrics. It looks bright and happy!

  4. That background fabric is so gorgeous and perfect with the floral. A winning combination, Joy.

  5. You had a busy week. Your mystery quilt top looks great!

  6. No neutral toenails? Come on! I need to get caught up on Kevin's mystery clue. It's gonna be a beauty.

  7. Nice looking stars, do you have any ideas for your neutrals?

  8. I love how your Mystery Quilt is shaping up! Such pretty, soft colors. And now I kinda want to take up knitting, just so I can say "Knit Night" more often :)

  9. Busy busy busy, as usual!
    That was a fun rabbit hole you sent me down with that interwoven quilt! Now I've added ANOTHER thing to my quilt queue...

  10. Your week certainly was a busy and productive one. I shall visit again soon. Creative Bliss...<3

  11. Wow, you sure did a lot this past week! Love that QOV mystery.

  12. Oh I really like the changes you made!!


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