Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - A Summer 2017 UFO Club Finish

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I've been REALLY busy in the studio lately.  I even have a FINISH to share!  It's been done for more than a week now.  Oops!!

As you may recall, I went to CCLQ @ The Bluff Quilt Retreat in 2015.  (I'm SEW excited that there's another planned for 2018!!)  I presented a Mystery Quilt from about 15 years ago.  It's an oldie, but a goody!  Most of the quilters participated and one wasn't happy with her fabric selection when the quilt was done.

A year passed and she gave her completed quilt top to me (where it sat on the Project Shelf with mine.)

Fast forward ANOTHER year to the time (last week) when Bluff Quilt in Brown's number FINALLY came up for quilting...

That quilt was loaded onto the frame:

And quilting commenced:

But what of that gifted quilt top???


It WAS the same pattern as Bluff Quilt in Brown!!  That Double Baptist Fan template board quilting design would certainly look as good on Bluff Quilt in Blue.


I loaded that one:

It got quilted, too:

It's a tricky one to photograph:

I took it outside and that was a bit better, but the quilting pattern didn't really show up very well:

Here is a close-up:

Along with one of the back:

Then came the time to bind the quilt, which came with a game of "Binding Chicken" because I was forced to get it out of the trimmings left from the quilt backing:

Fortunately, there was JUST enough:

THIS is a photo of the completed quilt:

But here's one that REALLY makes the quilting shine:


Chalk one up for me.  I've got a finish to report for the Summer 2017 (Ravelry) UFO Club!!  Hooray!!!

The excitement continued when I got home from finishing the quilt at a Mini Retreat, I showed it off to DS2 and he REALLY liked it.

How could I tell??


The boy (who has been going through a tough time lately) asked, "Who is that one for?"  Followed by, "I like the color and the pattern."  This, from the one who said that he didn't NEED any more quilts (when asked about a T-quilt for graduation last year!)

What's a Mom to do??

Well, this one said, "Enjoy YOUR new quilt!"  And so he did:

Special thanks to my good friend, Candy!!  Your unloved quilt top provided me with another way to give my son a warm hug.

Until next time...
Life is full of surprises!!!


  1. Aww... Sad Candy didn't finish it, but great for you and Son-2. My mother always wanted to do a schoolhouse/house quilt but she never got around to it. Maybe I should do one in her honor ...

  2. Awe! So nice that he found that quilt when he needed a quilt hug! I really should pull out my house blocks.... first must finish the binding so I can have a post this week. Congrats on TWO finishes! Great job.

  3. You've been very busy this week. Whew on having enough for the binding. It all works out in the end. Sweet you were able to give DS2 a quilty hug. The Baptist fan looks great on that block. Nicely done.

  4. Great to see the quilt finished, boy that binding was cutting it fine!! The quilting looks wonderful. So good you could give DS2 a quilt at just the right time!!

  5. So sweet that your son hinted that he wanted that quilt! You just never know when the right person/quilt combo is going to come along :)

  6. That;s an awesome story!!!And I am with him - I really like that color combo - the quilting was perfect for it! hope things get easier for him

  7. What a great way for the quilt to finish up being loved!


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