Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - UFO Club Finish {and I Promised...}

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The Three Musketeer's Sew Day!!!

Last Saturday, I had 2 of my closest quilting friends over for a day of quilting fun.  It's been AGES since we last got together and it ended up making for a WONDERFUL day.

Helena arrived first, as she had to leave before lunch.  She got right to work on creating a back for THIS quilt:

Britt arrived about the normal time (for her.)  She stayed until early afternoon and got a fair amount done on THIS quilt made from gobs of her scraps:

I managed to get a long-standing project done... labels for gift quilts.  The fabrics were pulled from my stash and coordinate well with the quilts:

Today's "quilting uniform"???

Oh!  About that UFO...

It's a project that I decided had been postponed long enough.  This Old Orange Commission quilt has been waiting in the wings for a year now.  The stars aligned and it was DONE on DS2's first day of his senior year of high school:

Delivery will be scheduled for later this week.  I'm sure to have a delighted client!  It's a beautifully "rustic" Churn Dash quilt that one of her ancestors pieced.  I was commissioned to turn it into a usable quilt.  This quilt is the 4th in a series of such quilts that she has asked me to complete for her. It's such an honor to be trusted with someone's inheritance.  :o))

With my current schedule, I, in turn, trusted the commission to my friend Gayle.  She shared the work with me and did a lovely job on the quilting.  Thanks again, Gayle!!  Don't we make a great team?!?!  :o))

Until next time...
Shop your stash!!!
(There's no telling WHAT wonders await.)


  1. Fantastic !~! On so many levels..

    And I did shop my stash this week; I needed to make a few pieces for my dear sister and her family in south Florida so I dug around and located some pastels--not my strong suit but there you have it.

    Thanks for sharing your great pics; I love what Britt has done with her scraps. I need to try something along that line too.


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