Saturday, August 29, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 35

Welcome to Week 35 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Last week I was traveling and this week I have some work projects to do.  What that means is that (again!) I didn't have as much time for the RSC as I would have liked.  Here's the blow by blow...

SUNDAY was a slow and easy day.  I finished FOUR Rainbow Crumb Blocks and, if you look closely, you should be able to see some INDIGO:

I also worked on my Old Orange Commission.  The quilting is done and it has now been trimmed. All that remains is the binding, but that's a job for another day - tomorrow, in fact:

On MONDAY, I made ONE Rainbow Crumb Block, that happens to look very much like a Slab Block, but the colors are mixed up a bit:

The next project was cutting the binding strips for my Old Orange Commission:

Along with preparing it for application:

TUESDAY, I cut lengths of ribbon for Bowie:

From THESE spools that were destashed by a fellow Raveler (last year.)  I decided that there was PLENTY to share:


I completed ONE String Block in INDIGO:


I thought I should share a bit of the quilt that I finished yesterday afternoon.  Follow this LINK to read more and see what the front looks like:

On WEDNESDAY, I created ONE Slab Block in INDIGO amidst my various chores and errands:


I got back to work on my Custom CK Tote Bags.  If YOU are in the "1st sewing", you probably see the outer bag parts of your bag all cut, along with your prepared bag handles:

"2nd Sewing" group... your shirts are in the dryer.  I'll start prepping them this evening (or tomorrow afternoon, if it turns out that I'm too tired to see straight later on!)  ETA... Oops!  Make that FRIDAY!!  I forgot that I had to work on Thursday evening.

THURSDAY is the day for my weekly Quilt Group meeting, but I still managed ONE more String Block in INDIGO when I got home from lunch with the quilters and writing up the "minutes" of the meeting to post on the GROUP BLOG:

Then it was off to work...  :o((

On FRIDAY, Knit Group was canceled, so I did something that I probably shouldn't have done...

I went back to bed!!  After a LONG first week of school, I was tired.  It felt wonderful to snooze for a bit!!  Until I woke up...

When I woke up (groggy - because napping and I don't get along very well) I got out the feature of this week's Design Floor Friday post (which you can read HERE) and then had a bit of lunch.  My plans shifted because I knew that I simply didn't have the mental acuity to give my bag project proper attention, yet.

So...  After lunch, I went straight up to work on my CK Bags.  I had to prep the NEW shirts:

TOO cute!!!

Before I could do that, the bolt of fusible stabilizer and I had and extended dance on the cutting table. All of the pieces that I need for the above mentioned task have been cut.  The iron will have to wait its turn for another day, as I have other PRESSING MATTERS to attend to.  (Ugh! Maybe that was Not as funny as it "SEAMED".)  :P


Not much "FREE" time in the sewing room this afternoon, but I did manage to make (another) ONE Slab Block in what I am loosely referring to as INDIGO:

There's a ball game tonight, so I need to head over to the school to feed that hungry Marching Band.

Here's (part of) the Drum Line "warming up" after dinner...

And, one of the trombone players "warming down" after the game:

SATURDAY morning, I slept in a bit.  The first week of school is exhausting for EVERYONE!!! When I joined Angela's LINK PARTY, there were already 12 RSC Quilters linked up.  Be sure to follow the link to see what everyone else has been up to this week.  Look for me at lucky link number 13.

I'll have to wait to follow all the links because I'm on my way to work.  First, upstairs in the sewing room and then, at my J.O.B.  At least, that's not until this evening!  In the meantime...

I'm going to sew.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Whoosh! Busy busy busy...
    Love all your projects!

  2. I feel exhausted just reading about all this!

  3. With all you had going on, I am impressed that you did so many indigo blocks, all very interesting because of your consistent use of lively fabrics. Have a good week and don't overwork yourself!

  4. Goodness gracious, you got a lot done! I wish I could squeeze in that much in a week once in a while! I'm truly humbled by the amount of work you have accomplished in just a few days. And I think I'm in love with your indigo project...

  5. You have definitely worked out a way to maximize your sewing time! Love seeing your indigo fabrics!

  6. All things considered, you got quite a bit done this week! More than I could have accomplished I think. Well done, and have a great second week of school!

  7. Not a minute wasted! Great job getting all that accomplished and getting back to school too!

  8. I'm exhausted just reading about your week! Hope things settle into a routine soon and you have some more sewing time.

  9. Getting used to school again is hard on everyone. Glad you found some sewing time though, the slab blocks are going to be lots of fun

  10. What a busy week, but even so you seem to have got some sewing done each day; well done!

  11. Another cool post. I look forward to reading about your quilting journey each week. Love all your crumb blocks. Slab blocks. String blocks.

  12. That's a success week, especially with how much you had going on.


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