Friday, August 28, 2015

Design Floor Friday - Snow Star Swap

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!!

Well...  Today we are going to get a look inside THIS box:

There is the makings of a quilt in there...

My Snow Star Swap, to be exact.  It is MORE THAN 8 years old.  Imagine?!  It's been patiently waiting its turn, while sitting on a shelf in that box for so long!  Poor, poor quilt parts.  :o((

OK, off comes the lid and out comes the contents...

Right on top was a scrap of muslin and my design plan, which you may have seen before:

Beneath that?  A stack of blocks swapped out of Sew It Seams in Morehead City, North Carolina. Actually, now that I think about it... that might have been closer to FIFTEEN years ago.  YIKES!!

And... all of the red fabrics collected at Mary Jo's Fabrics (on one of our annual "field trips"), along with THREE choices for backing, borders, and binding.  Fairly excessive amounts of yardage, I feel certain, but only time will tell:


That's it!!  Aren't they beautiful???  (The ones in the 2nd row on the left are the ones that I made.)

These reds have been washed and pressed...

But, I  didn't even recall that THESE were in the bottom of the bucket:

Moreover, I don't even recall purchasing them!!!

That's OK, they will get their turn in the washer and dryer today (along with the load of darks that has been waiting all week to go for a spin in the laundry room!) and be ready for the day that I finish my Custom CK Bags.  I'm getting REALLY excited to see how this quilt comes together!

This photo shows a closer look at what will be the borders, backing, and binding... in no particular order, since I only have the slightest clue which is which:

WAIT, Joyful!!!

Oh, sorry... I'm guessing YOU would like a closer look at the blocks:

I did 2 swap sets to make sure that I would end up with a good sized quilt:

Oh!  And remember that scrap of muslin?

That's my quilt label!!!  It's been drawn out since I designed the quilt (using ideas pulled from memory of techniques used in one of Sharon Craig's wonderful books about combining swap blocks into cohesive quilts.)  I traced the label on one of my friend Kat's gorgeous quilts.  Thanks, Kat!  It will be the PERFECT finishing touch... when I finally complete this quilt.

Now, I'll let all this "percolate" while I go upstairs for a date with my iron and some non-woven fusible interfacing.  The NEW T-shirts are waiting, but I can only do SEW MUCH in a day!


I'm off to serve dinner to ~ 35 hungry members of the CRHS Marching Band.  There's another home football game tonight.  GO, Team!!

Until next time...
Volunteer joyfully!!!

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