Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - Strawberry Upside Down {short}Cake - A Summer 2015 UFO Club Finish!!!

Summer 2015 UFO Club
A Completed Quilt.


I have a finish. I have a finish!!!  Won't the UFO Club be pleased?!  Strawberry Upside Down {short}Cake is now a completed quilt.  I'll turn it in the next time I go to Quilt Guild.

It started off in February (as a pile of blocks and a couple of coordinating fabrics) at the DOQ Donation Quilt Workshop 2/14/15:

On 2/16/15, I turned those into a quilt top:

The next day (2/17/15), it was a quilt top with borders:

Then it waited and waited (and waited) for me to quilt it!!!  (Nothing unusual.  My quilts should be used to it, really.  It's not like THIS is the first quilt of mine to have this problem!!)

When it got to be August and another donation Quilt Workshop was coming up, I decided that the time had come...


By 8/5/15, the quilting was done.  I left the binding to work on at Saturday's workshop...

And by lunch time, it was NEARLY done at the August DOQ Donation Quilt Workshop on 8/8/15. Only the last bit of binding remained when I returned home.  And finish it, I did!!

I'm guessing that you would like to see the picture proof.  Am I right???


The BACK with a narrow strip of scrappy goodness to finish it off.  No on has to know that the backing was a bit skewed on the table as I was basting the quilt.  Oops!!  I guess I just told on myself, didn't I?!?!  LOL:

One of the FOUR bound corners:

Until next time...
Piece. Quilt. Bind. Repeat!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your finish! I love the little scrappy bit on the backing...


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