Saturday, August 1, 2015

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC15 - Week 31

Can you BELIEVE that we have just finished ANOTHER month of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge?!?!  The months of scrappy goodness are going by SEW quickly!!!

Week 31 started out as RED month and you'll see how it ended up in just a minute.  Until then, here's how my week progressed...

SUNDAY saw Mr. Joyful and the crew in the car on the way to Grandma's house.  Her birthday is coming up on Wednesday, but she lives too far away to make a mid-week trip desirable (for anyone involved.)  For this reason, we make it a habit of celebrating either the weekend before or the weekend after her special day.

Before leaving, I managed to get some RED quilting done:

My Strawberry Upside Down {short}Cake quilt is about HALF done now:

SEE?!?!  There's RED in there:

On Monday, I had a "Play Date" at my friend Jean's house.  We did some stamping in RED:

(I think that sneaky Angela may have posted a clue this evening.  I think that I know what the new Color of the Month is going to be.  I'll give you a hint!  It's in the photo above AND below.)

Tuesday, I found that I was right about Angela!!  HERE is what I found on her blog this morning:

August Color Announcement

The color of the Month for August is Indigo:

I spent time assembling a quilt top.  This photo shows two rows together:

Two rows (times two) sewn together:

Two rows (times three) sewn together:

Four rows and two sewn:

It's a quilt top...

... and now it's ready to be cut to shreds:

WHAT, Joyful?!?!

You read that correctly.  The next step in the process of making my Twister Quilt is the cut apart the perfectly good quilt top pictured above.  I'm saving THAT task for another day.

Tuesday night, I prepped a couple of RED blocks...

One Maverick Star middle:

I laid out the points for one Maverick Star Block:

And trimmed some squares for another Tiny Nine:

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find my background fabric... so I guess I'm done for the month. :o((

WEDNESDAY morning was spent adding to my RED block collection...

ONE Slab Block:

Along with...

ONE Maverick Star Block:

The afternoon included a hair appointment and the evening's event was Girl's Night Out at Mebane Knights Wine Bar for dinner (yummy panini sandwiches) and their $5 wine tasting.  Both activities were looked forward to with much anticipation.  This GNO was planned in honor of my MIL who celebrated her 80th birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

On THURSDAY, I was off to my weekly Quilt Meeting.  However, the afternoon seemed like the perfect time to do the dirty deed...

Cutting apart my pieced quilt top, that is!  Especially, since I was able to show it off at Quilt Group. However, I found that I forgot an important step in the process... I have to add a border (that I have no appropriate fabric for!!) So instead, I added more quilting to my Strawberry Upside Down (short) Cake Donation Quilt.  Here I am, taking a break to decide which direction to go next:

As it turned out, I put the quilt away and dug out the UFO that I was meant to be working on this month.  It was time to send all of the lovely RED fabrics through the wash so that they will be ready for their date with the rotary cutter:

FRIDAY morning meant that I headed to the coffee shop for Knit Group, but the afternoon was devoted to bringing you my...

MONTHLY TOTALS (as it was the official end of RED month.)  Here's how July's RED block production tallied up:

TWO (2) Maverick Star Blocks:

 FOUR (4) Slab Blocks:

TWO (2) String Blocks:

SEVEN (7) Tiny Nines:

For a total of FIFTEEN (15) RED blocks during the month of July.  While it may not seem like much, THIS is all of the RED that remain in the scrap basket:

It turns out that nearly HALF of the basket shown in THIS POST from the beginning of the month was filled with PINK scraps that were buried underneath the RED scraps!!!  (Scroll down to the very bottom of the post to see how the basket overflowed with RED bits.)

See all of the RED bits that landed in the trash can:

And, HERE is the composite photo for July:

However, THIS is what happens when you add in the "Rainbow of Crumbs" Blocks:


HERE is the obligatory "runway" shot (for a better view of July's block production):

Here is how the TWENTY-EIGHT (28) RAINBOW Crumb Blocks made during the month of July stack up:

Therefore, adding up ALL of July's block production, totals:

15 blocks in RED +  28 Rainbow Crumbs = July's adjusted total of 43 blocks

15 + 28 = 43

FORTY-THREE (43) quilt blocks sewn during the month of July?! Not as impressive as June's totals (shown near the bottom of THIS post), but still a good amount of sewing completed during the month.  Especially considering that I was sick 2 out of the 5 weeks!!!

SATURDAY, after breakfast, I finished up this post and joined Angela's LINK PARTY over on the So Scrappy blog and found that she had already posted the first Sampler Block for INDIGO month:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler - Bullseye

Go have a look at the tutorial and consider giving this block a try, if you've never made one.

As if THAT wasn't enough, Angela has already posted a SECOND Sampler Block for August!!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler August - Mr. Roosevelt's Necktie

I knew that she was going away, but didn't consider that she may post the tutorials early.  This block is quite interesting and I am excited to give it a try.  Maybe you should, too!

While you're there, don't forget to visit all of the RSC Quilters.  You'll find me at link number 13 this week... I double checked this time!  Some are sure to have posted their Month-in-Review posts, too. You're sure to be delighted by all that the Rainbow Scrap Quilters have been up to.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

July = RED = Productivity

Especially when you add in A Rainbow of Scraps!!!


  1. Lots of scrappy red goodness happening in July plus a few rainbow bits too. There's something so satisfying about putting it all together and being amazed at what was accomplished.

  2. Wow, you had a very productive month! Lots of beautiful red blocks.

  3. Congrats on a very productive month. I'm dying to see how you cut up the top. I'll be doing that soon and don't know if I can bear to do it to my lovely nines. Still like your Slab blocks the best.

  4. Still loving those maverick stars! And I seriously envy your productivity. Lots of beautiful things coming out of your sewing room!

  5. What a busy month! So many great scraps all put together forever. Congratulations!

  6. Wow... you sure are a busy quilter! Love all the red.

  7. Oh, my goodness...this is some red post!! Thx for your nice comment on my blog.

  8. Oh, my goodness...this is some red post!! Thx for your nice comment on my blog.

  9. Beautiful blocks, red, fun and colorful! Lots of wonderful quilts in progress.

  10. Wow! You got a lot of those reds sewn up in July. Great job - see how fast they are piling up? You are going to have so much fun in Nov/Dec putting them together. Love your quilting on that first quilt - so pretty. I have yet to try a twisted quilt.... too intimidating for me I think.


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