Friday, August 14, 2015

Design Floor Friday - College Move-In Day!!

Putting together Design Floor Friday posts for you is frequently a challenge.  Today is no exception!

Why, Joyful???

Well, Fridays are my day for Knit Group, so that's one hurdle almost every week.  When football season begins, the second hurdle arises... Marching Band Dinners and working the games.

Today, however, is College Move-In Day for DS1!!!  He begins his THIRD year at NC State!!!

THIS is what awaits:

I have to figure out how I want to attach the squares to the pieced background of my Challenged Quilt.  I've had a few suggestions, but haven't determined which will work best for me.  Only time will tell, as this is the next project to be worked into the rotation.  October is coming.

Until next time...
Accept challenges!!!

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