Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wonderful Wednesday - Dye Challenge Realized

My friend (fellow quilt bee member and our jelli printing teacher), Jean, issued a challenge at the end of our June Dye Frenzy.  I started with WEEKS to spare. However, I finished mine Thursday afternoon (just 2 days before the Saturday deadline!)

Jean encouraged us to "Do something with your prints."

Sew... I did!  :o))

First, I chose the print that I wanted to use from my body of work:

It was a tough choice, with so many good ones!!  Then, I went to my "Color Cubbies" (scroll to the bottom of the post for the photo that makes my heart sing) to find a fabric that coordinated with my jelli print, along with another to "bring the quilt together."

Next, I pieced, layered, and added "stabilizing quilting":

How will I quilt this piece???  Oh, I've got this!!!

But... where do I go from here?!?!

One section at a time, the approximately 12" square quilt came together:

Was bound...

And finished: (except for the embellishments that I meant to add!) 

It turned out to be a real beauty (that 3 people were fighting over at the Quilt Bee meeting on Saturday):

Here's a closer look at the central panel:

And a better look at the birds:

You can also see the layering that went on with the piece:

I'm REALLY pleased with how this little quilt turned out!  The only question that I've got is regarding the quilting.  One friend thought that it needed MORE and another thought that it was quilted PERFECTLY to make the jelli print stand out.

What do YOU think???

Until next time...
Step outside of your (quilting) comfort zone!!!


  1. I think that it is quite striking and doesn't need any more quilting.

    I love the birds!

  2. Gorgeous colours and design - not sure where you would put more quilting which probably means it is fine just the way it is

  3. I think they're both right about the quilting. Everyone has their preferences, and everyone would do things differently. I like to get opinions from my quilting bee friends, but I ultimately do what I think is right for the quilt because it's what will make me happy! Quilting aside, this is a gorgeous way to showcase your jelli print, which is beautiful by itself but greatly enhanced by the fabrics and quilting. It's no wonder it was fought over!


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