Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - A UFO Club Finish

Welcome to another edition of  Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to share the UFO that I completed last week.  It has been a long time in the making.  Even before I had a plan for the orphan blocks that make up the center of my quilt, I knew that I wanted to sew them into a circle.  This year's Guild Challenge gave me the opportunity to do just that.

The Out of the Box Challenge...

... Asked that you do something outside your comfort zone and for me, working with batik fabrics is not something I do very often.  I raided the drawer of batik scrap (gifted to me by friends) to find pieces to make the borders necessary to bring the quilt up to size:

It took some doing...

... And more borders than I would have liked:

A few days before the deadline, my entry finally reached an appropriate size for the challenge, which ranged from a 20" square up to a 22" square or anything in between:

Just a couple of days before the deadline, it was layered for quilting and that meant curves in order to further meet the required circles, spots, dots, and/or curves that needed to be part of each participants design:

I'm a happy camper.  This is my completed quilt, with its 4-fabric, non-mitered binding - another thing that I don't do very often:

Approximately 20" x 22".

Here it is with the other entries:

Such a wonderful variety of designs, inspired by the challenge (set by me, the Challenge Coordinator, for the 2nd year in a row.)  Thank you to those members who played along!

Until next time...
Time for a happy dance!!!


  1. That sounds like a fun challenge, Joy - I bet it was neat to see what everyone did for it. Yours turned out great - pretty colors and a really interesting binding! I haven't tried that type of binding before either.

  2. It's always interesting when we get pushed out of our comfort zone and find something new that we like to do. It's always cool to see how others interpret challenges as well. I am also not a batik girl. In fact, batiks are rarely gifted to me. Nice finish and just on time. ~~Kathy S.

  3. Ohhh, I love your little quilt! And I really love that it represents doing things out of your comfort zone. Very nice!!! ~Jeanne

  4. Oh, I LOVE sewing with batiks. They just do everything I tell them to do. Ha! I love the idea of your challenge and how you succeeded with it. A lot of great little quilts there!

  5. Aren't you glad you were able to enter it, too?! very pretty fabrics put to good use!

  6. It is a beautiful finish and yay for a completed UFO. It looks right at home among the other challenge quilts.

  7. Wonderful finish! Good for you!--TerryK

  8. Great job on your finish! Such an array of projects completed in the challenge. Quite the group of artists living in your guild.

  9. I love your little batik quilt! The colors of the batiks give it a gorgeous moodiness. Beautiful finish!

  10. That is a fun finish. I love that you did other things out of your comfort zone, too, like the non-mitered binding. Hooray for a fun challenge met and for the guild's challenge coordinator!

  11. I am amazed at the creativity of all of those little quilts entered into the challenge. Wow! People in your group are so creative!

  12. What an interesting challenge with so many wonderful interpretations. You set the challenge? Would you be willing to share the challenge guidelines? We’re trying to come up with new ideas for our guild. swirlc @bellsouth . net


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