Thursday, September 30, 2021

Summer 2021 (Ravelry) UFO Club FINISH (Or Not!!) - The Birthday Quilt

Welcome to a very happy day!!  I'm here to share my 11th hour quilt finish for the Summer 2021 (Ravelry) UFO Club.  It comes with a story.  It's the story of a milestone birthday.  Mine.

The story goes like this...

To say that Joy LOVES scraps, would be an understatement.  As a surprise, members of my Quilt Bee each brought a bag of fabric scraps for my milestone birthday "several" years ago.  Those scrap bags sat around for YEARS before I found the right pattern for them!

Enter Crazy Mom Quilts' June QAL.  That was back in 2017.

You can follow my progression in the posts linked below:

When the quilt top was done, it made regular appearances on my UFO list, but after 4 years...

The quilt was quilted by my dear friend Britt, who delivered it at the end of May...

The delivery...

The quilting...

I was SEW excited that I trimmed it up as soon as she left:

Here are some close-ups of Britt's custom quilting work...

It took several months to bind, but it's finally a FINISHED quilt!!!

It took a QUILTING Swap and a moment of desperation to get it done!  See???  Four bound corners:

These bits and pieces...

Remain from that fabulous gift my friends gave me all those years ago.  A whole LOT of bits and pieces!!  I wonder how many more quilts I can make from them?  Lucky me, I've got a Quilt Test coming up and these might be just the place to start:

I would be remiss if I didn't add a sincere THANK YOU to those quilting friends who contributed scraps for my birthday surprise.

Best.  Birthday.  EVER!


If not for that QUILTING Swap with my friend B last year, this quilt might still be a top sitting with its backing on the end of the longarm.  Just waiting to be quilted.  Thank you, again, Britt!!

Here's a close-up of her beautiful custom quilting:

What better way to finish off ORANGE month at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge than with a freshly finished quilt and my mums and the pumpkin a purchased at the grocery store last week to ring in Autumn:

It was interesting to look back through the posts to find that I originally thought I'd name this quilt "50 - It's Just a Number" and then changed it to " Friendship Chases the Gray Away", only to end up simply calling it "The Birthday Quilt" once it was a quilt top.

Sharing with Kelly

Linking with Alycia


With Cynthia on Sunday

Want to hear something funny???

The end of the story is that this quilt hasn't actually been on my list since the Spring 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club!!  I'm not sure WHEN members would have noticed, but I did  as I recorded the session stats.  Whoops!!  Guess that's a good reason to load the list with ALL the projects, huh?  I hate it when I get excited about a project and forget to make sure it's actually ON the list.  :o((

Until next time...
Check another on off the list!!!


  1. Yay! Congratulations on your quilt finish. It looks fantastic. Bet you feel relieved.

  2. That pattern is a great scrap buster!

  3. Your finished quilt looks amazing! I love your scrap busting pattern. How interesting the quilt took on different names depending on how you felt about as you worked on it.

  4. I love it, and the fact that you can now have a quilty hug from your NT/CCLQ friends anytime you need it!

  5. That's a beautiful quilt, Joy! I love the scrappy color of it! I always admired that June design - congratulations on getting yours finished up.

  6. That's a great quilt and a great finish. I'm sure the Birthday Quilt holds many memories for you. ~Jeanne

  7. Good story, perfect name and I'm glad it's done well before the next milestone birthday occurs.

  8. I never even thought to check back to the list! Congrats on a finish anyway - it is a beauty.

  9. Well, it just had to wait until it was properly aged to be finished, that's all! It's a lovely quilt, and a good way to remember both your milestone birthday and your friends.

  10. Oh, Joy! Amanda Jean’s quilt, June, has been on my list since I first saw it! Yours is fabulous! Now, you may have inspired me to make that quilt happen. I’ve got some other flimsies that need to be finished, but………..! Well done!

  11. You worked with those scraps so beautifully, it does not look scrappy at all! The binding has a blanket stitch look to it, could not be more perfect! The quilt looks fantastic!


  12. Congratulations and happy birthday! That is a beautiful quilt, and the quilting is really nice. Looks nice on your porch swing too. :)

  13. This has a wonderful story already, doesn't it?! What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful finish!

  14. Such a nice scrappy quilt. Is it made with foundation papers? I made something VERY similar that was stitched to telephone book pages, á la Bonnie Hunter. Well, "The Birthday Quilt" is just the right name." I hope you get to enjoy it for another 50 years!

  15. It is beautiful!!! and a perfect reminder of the day you turned 21 ( your milestone birthday you were talking about right???) I just love all the gorgeous color in this one!!

  16. Congratulations! Double Win! Using up all those little bits and having a quilt that reminds you of all those friends. AND it's a gorgeous quilt too with lots of different fabric to look at and pet. Haha. You can finally enjoy your birthday gift. ;^)

  17. Beautiful quilt finish Joy. I have made two quilts with this pattern and they are some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing yours with Oh Scrap!

  18. Such a fun quilt with a very cute story! Congrats on the finish.

  19. Congrats on getting the finish!


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