Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday - The Cutting Table Edition

Welcome to a new edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I've got something exciting to share.

The idea...

We were in the process of buying a new house while my friend Ella was getting ready to sell her house.  I decided that I would probably have enough space for the cutting table that she was no longer going to have room for.  Lucky for me, she hadn't had any takers!

The retrieval...

My friend Maggie offered her truck and assistance in moving the cutting table to our new house.  We arrived early one morning in late July.  This is the sight we saw:

A drill and the table top:

Ella's handy husband was disassembling the components:

I tried to get photos from all the angles so that my own handy husband could reassemble it:

Ella was staying out of the way:

I tried to get a look at the location of all the connection points:

Once the top was off, the "table" is comprised of five assorted kitchen base cabinets:

I tried to get a good picture of the layout:

Maggie held the spacer in place so that we would know where it belonged:

One facia board was included:

The interim placement...

You may have seen this cabinetry jumble photo on Instagram:

The arrangement...

DH was able to sort out the puzzle of what went where, but then there was a delay while we unpacked much of the rest of the house:

The assembly...

Late one night, the time for putting my new cutting table together arrived:

DH opted for leaving the cabinets upright and meeting the connection points where they sat:

Reinforcements were called in to help with the table top:

DS2 also helped me install the 40" x 72" cutting mat:

The next morning, I went up to the studio to get a photo of my new cutting table:

The room is still a work in progress, but I'm pleased to report that DH even found a near-perfect storage bin to fill the gap beside the narrow cabinet:

The acknowledgements...

Thank you to Ella, Barry, and DS2 for the work they put into this adventure.  As much as I appreciate them, the table wouldn't have come together without the assistance of DH and my friend Maggie!  DH's puzzle solving and construction skills were instrumental in getting the table reassembled.

Special thanks to Maggie for her truck and her muscles!  I seriously couldn't have made this happen without her:

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Until next time...
SEW exciting!!!


  1. It's gorgeous! Looks great in your sewing room!

  2. OMG! Your are going to love this!!! In addition to the cutting table, you have gained sew much storage! ~Jeanne

  3. Nice! I'd have some fabric on there asap!

  4. Very nice! I would love to have that kind of space for cutting.

  5. Great snag! Let's see how long it stays clear.

  6. Look at that huge cutting area! Definitely exciting!

  7. Congratulations on the cutting table! Isn't it great to have a husband and children who are handy with tools and assembly! My DH built my table with four cabinets that he mounted onto some form of heavy board under which are casters for the times I wanted to move it (PUSH, PANT!). Then, between the cabinets is a long narrow space where I've stored the large rulers such as the 21 inch square up ruler. This space also holds long tubes of rolled batting and other assortments of cut batting pieces. Perhaps this will help you determine ways to use that small gap. Happy sewing in your new studio.

  8. Oh boy, is that a nice cutting table! Very envious here in IL! Hahaha!

  9. Lucky you, Joy, for finding this great piece and especially having the room for it! Just think of all the great fabric that you'll be slicing up on this table and all the projects to come. Enjoy!

  10. Good stuff comes to good people and you are a great person! It is a beautiful cutting space which you will enjoy for many years to come!

  11. I love the cutting table, and would like one the same size as it would make the quilt making process go much more smoothly. Down side is we haven't got the room. Maybe one day in the future we will and until then I just dream and carry on using the dining room table.

  12. What a wonderful centerpiece for your studio. It all looks brand new. And such teamwork! I bet you can’t wait to fill those drawers and start cutting up fabric.

  13. Boy, will this get used by you a LOT! How wonderful and encouraging to see it up in your studio!

  14. How exciting! Oh, the wonderful things you will make! Hope the rest of the room is also coming together.

  15. That's such a cool cutting table set-up! We may have to change the table scraps challenge to a bigger project if that ever gets full. What fun!

  16. What a fortuitous find and how lucky you are to have a handy husband.

  17. Nice cutting setup. I wish I had that much room. Have fun setting everything up now.

  18. I'm so happy for you Joy - it's beautiful! Even though you aren't yet finished, that must lift your heart when you walk into your studio. I never realized those units were cabinets with a table top - duh!

  19. Wow!!! How on earth will you get any cutting done when you keep breaking out in a happy dance?

  20. No wonder you're excited! What a wonderful cutting table! The storage makes it extra special. I'm happy for you to be able to outfit your sewing room like this. It's such an important step in settling into a new home. Kitchen first; sewing room second, right? It helps immensely that you have a handy husband and son. This is such an invigorating time for you.

  21. What a great addition to your sewing room! I'd be lost without my cutting table. It makes getting things done so much easier.


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