Saturday, August 28, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 35

Welcome to Week 35 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  The RSC Quilters are winding down on August's Color of the Month and I'm STILL not sewing, as my new studio hasn't been unpacked.  It's starting to grate on my nerves that I've barely made a dent in there.  :o((

NOTE:  If you are looking for the August 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge/Link Party, click on THIS LINK.  Otherwise, keep reading to see how this week went in Joyful Quilterland.

MONDAY - I received the following comment on an older post:

Sew Silly Paula has left a new comment on the post "Community Quilts from The Junction - The Farmed Ou...":

I'm with Rosie Westerhold and would love to know the panto name. This is the first time on your site and I love it. I'm not getting anything done today viewing all of these gorgeous quilts! :-)

Thank you, Paula, but you are a No Reply blogger and I was unable to reply directly.  Hopefully, you will see this!  The panto pattern that you were looking for is Lorien's Arabesque on My friend Needleb used it on THIS QUILT which was featured by Jo @ Jo's Country Junction yesterday. (Thanks, Jo!!)

TUESDAY - Tidy Up Tuesday, but no accompanying post.  The diseased Crabapple tree that was taken down over the weekend got its stump ground this afternoon:

Shortly thereafter, DS2 and I went to the local big box hardware store to look for carpet for his room:

Alas, we forgot to look for vent covers (registers?) to replace damaged ones similar to this one:

WEDNESDAY - This morning was spent unpacking some boxes, but this afternoon was reserved for my weekly Zoom call with LeeAnnaNot Afraid of Color:

THURSDAY - ZoomBEE LIVE!!  Here was the group that assembled in Dee Dee's lovely (shaded) driveway:

Needleb popped in for a little bit:


We had a special guest from England.  Welcome back, Lisa:

She brought shortbread to share from across the pond:

In the midday, I said goodbye to my dear friend. Kristen.  Hoping to see you up at the lake before too terribly long:

FRIDAY - During the middle of the night, the August 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Runner/Topper Challenge/ Link Party went live.

In the light of day, ZoomKNIT met, but had a slim turnout this morning:

After the meeting, I went to order carpet and then took Hilary to the doctor.  It turned out to be QUITE the adventure!  Here we are on the side of a major thoroughfare in a local college town at rush hour:

That was my "I can't believe this is happening" face.  We ended up having to wait 2 hours to be rescued!  :o((

Fortunately, there was a nice patch of shade right near where the car broke down.  Otherwise, I would have been a crispy critter, as I get sunburned in about 15 minutes.

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week  if/when the party is posted, as this week has been particularly challenging at her house.

Until next time...


  1. You look adorable and those tiny ponytails are just too cute :-)

  2. I do love the pony tail look you have been sporting! I am attempting to grow mine out and it is driving me nuts! Sounds like there is never a dull moment for you...maybe unpack one box in the sewing area today? Petting fabric always helps.

  3. I'm not sure when you would get any sewing done, given how busy you are already. The studio will get unpacked, one box at a time, and soon you'll be pumping out projects just like before. Apparently Angela was so discombobulated by her incredibly awful week that she forgot to add the linky. Quite understandable, of course.

  4. I love your pony tails! Yum on the Walkers Shortbread, and I LOVE folks from across the pond.
    Oh how I wish I could be there to help you unpack while you do your other work. That's a pretty view out your front door. Good luck with all those wonderful (but somewhat irksome) things that need to be done when you move!

  5. No sewing, but busy week and fun to get together with friends. I love shortbread, Walkers is my favourite!


  6. You had a more exciting week than expected, didn't you?! Glad you were rescued without sunburn added to the list! Nice carpet choices!

  7. Broken down cars are no fun. I keep a golf umbrella in the car. It works for rain and hot sun. Hope the car fix is quick.


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