Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sew Some Love Sunday - PositivityQAL - The Block Drive - An Update

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love!!  I'm here with an update concerning a set of blocks for the Positivity Block Drive going on here at The Joyful Quilter.  It's being run in conjunction with Preeti's Positivity QAL @ Sew Preeti Quilts.

I reported the following:

My apologies to Nann @ With Strings Attached!  Her 12 blocks seem to have gotten waylaid.  The package tracking says the blocks arrived on July 26th.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen them.  :o((


Funny (not funny) story about the delivery:

Our across the street neighbors recently moved.  The new people are collecting the mail for them and handing it off to their next door neighbors.

Those neighbors save the mail to ship off to our old neighbors. Unfortunately, the substitute mail carrier delivered Nann's package to the wrong address.  Fortunately, it caught the shipper/neighbor's eye and she happened to notice my name before sending the package on to Atlanta!!!

The package arrived with the following note:

These 12 green blocks were enclosed:

What's up with the green, Joyful???

The purpose of the color change was so that Maggie could have something a little different to work on. Why green? Because purple and green are a favorite color combination of mine. It always reminds me of my iris garden.

Thank you to Nann for sending these lovely blocks!  I apologize for causing such a scare.  I'm SEW glad that the missing package was found with your blocks safely inside.  They will soon be delivered to our Piecing Fairy for assembly into another fabulous quilt top for Mercyful Quilts.

Until next time...


  1. So glad those blocks didn't get mailed away! They are lovely!

  2. Yay on the solution for the missing blocks! Love the greens. I love purple and green too, and now you've given me the reason - irises, which are one of my favorite flowers!

  3. Shew - great save!! and they will look so fun!

  4. We have had so many things delivered to the wrong address over the years! Thank goodness for observant neighbors! Those green blocks will be pretty mixed in with the purple.

  5. So glad the mystery was solved, but more importantly that the blocks arrived.

  6. What a wonderful neighbour! I am glad too that you got the blocks. Purple and green would be lovely together.


  7. I agree--purple and green go together so well in the flower garden!!! I'm so glad for the happy ending on Nann's blocks!!!

  8. Yay, happy to see the delivery mystery solved. Can't wait to see this version put together.

  9. Our lives would be dull if we there weren't these ups and downs. Green and Purple look lovely together. Sending you best wishes for a smooth move.

  10. Glad the wayward package found it's way to you. Thank goodness for observant neighbors.

  11. That was a close one! (Though maybe the blocks would have enjoyed a brief jaunt to Atlanta...)

  12. So glad to hear about all the blocks arriving even if some were nearly lost! Love the green ad they will make a great combo with the purple ones.


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