Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sew Some Love Sunday - LWR - Quilt Number Nineteen

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I'm here with an update on the Lutheran World Relief Mission Quilt Drive here at The Joyful Quilter.  It's been quite some time since the last post about this project.  You'll forgive me, won't you?  I'm still waiting on a few of the stragglers.

While I was waiting, another project came about and then...

A week or so ago, I received the follow email:

Question-- are you still taking quilts for Lutheran World Relief? I am putting the binding on one that is the right size for you. I got to rent a longarm today and it's the first one, so it's finished, though it's no showpiece. I'm planning to post it on Monday or Tuesday and can mail it off to you after that.

This photo was attached:

Here was my response:

Pretty (RSC?) quilt, Mari! While I'm no longer actively soliciting quilts for them, I'm not opposed to taking more quilts for Lutheran World Relief. You could also send the quilt to one of the two hospice programs that I support. Both Bernie @ Mercyful Quilts or Kat @ Covered in Love (TX) would be thrilled to receive your cheerful offering. Whatever you decide is fine.

The first box on my new front porch...

... Arrived this week from Mari @ The Academic Quilter and inside the box was this lovely quilt:

She blogged about the quilt HERE.

Those were the first quilt photos in my new studio.  I also tried my hand at porch swing photos like Kat @ Covered in Love...

... But found that I might need a bit more practice:

Thank you, Mari, for sharing your time, talent, and materials to bring comfort to someone in need!  I appreciate your contribution to the LWR Mission Quilt Drive.

With all that's been going on in Joyful Quilterland...

... It took a few days to get around to opening the box:

The goodies above and the lovely note below were also enclosed:

Thanks for the unexpected treat, Mari!  I'm particularly fond of that sweet rainbow print.  Bonus points for its pretty AQUA background to go along perfectly with August's Color of the Month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  :o))

Until next time...
Sew some love!!!


  1. Another beautiful quilt for the LWR! Thank you Mari and thank you Joy for all you do to help them. ~Jeanne

  2. It's great that you're managing to coordinate charity quilts with a big move! Your front porch looks lovely, and no doubt the inside is equally so. I hope you love living there. And all my best for a quick sale of your former home.

  3. You are doing so much, your move, and helping with these charity drives. How lovely to receive such wonderful packages with blessings to send on to others.

  4. What a surprise to receive the sampler quilt from Mari, completely with a few little gifts for you to sweeten the pot. Have you found the power cord for your machine yet?

  5. That's a lovely quilt Mari sent you, and I think your porch swing photo turned out really well! Hope the move is going well and you're feeling a bit more settled each day.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out, which is completely unnecessary! I love your porch swing pictures and look forward to many more of them. Lucky you to have such a great photo spot. I'll also echo the good wishes for the sale of your old house. Fingers crossed for you!

  7. how nice to receive such a donation!

  8. Such a cute quilt!!!! Wonderful donation! Fun front door, too! And a porch swing--yay!!!

  9. Good job, Mari! Love the porch swing, Joy. I'm sure you and future quilts will have lots of good memories made there.


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