Saturday, September 4, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 36

Welcome to Week 36 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week is a transition week, so we will say goodbye to AQUA/TEAL/TURQUOISE and hello to a new Color of the Month.  I wonder what Angela will choose.  What's your best guess?

Read on to find out what scrappy happenings occurred in the past seven days...

SUNDAY - I spent the afternoon working in the new studio.  I mentioned the progress in the following email to Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict:

DH set up a series of fans throughout the 2nd floor in an effort to cool the studio. It worked! The temperature dropped to 80 and I was able to get a good bit done yesterday (with help and moral support from my good friend B.) 3 boxes were emptied completely and another 5 were divested of the books held within. Portions of 6 bins were put away and thanks to DS2, I've got a plan for bringing 2 chests of drawers into the room for additional fabric storage. Yep! It was a good day.

Thank you to my friend Beth who stopped by yesterday to drop off a bag of delicious Cookie Gurlie cookies, a pot of mums for the front porch, and a fan (on loan) for the studio so that I could get some work done in there:

MONDAY - Work continued in the studio, but you didn't get to see what happened yesterday.  The room, according to B (who was on hand to help me), is starting to look a bit more Joyful:

TUESDAY - The library is looking good, but this was the best photo I could get, as there is still a tall row of boxes across from the bookshelf and it's blocking the light:

This evening, my Monthly Quilt Bee met LIVE @ the back of the parking lot across from Whit's Frozen Custard:

WEDNESDAY - Welcome to September!  There's been no word from Angela regarding the new Color of the Month, but I believe it will be ORANGE or Light/Bright GREEN.  Incorporate both in your September 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge and you'll be set!  OK, ok... You can wait for the official word, if you want.  :o))

This morning, I did find that Kat @ Kat and Cat Quilts released the Fall Block Drive for Covered in Love.  It looks like a fun one and she's going with Fall colors.  I hope YOU might be inspired to send a block (or 2 or 10!!)

Please be sure to check out my exciting Wonderful Wednesday post, if you haven't seen it yet.

This afternoon, I enjoyed my weekly Zoom with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

THURSDAY - My Weekly Quilt Group went LIVE at Deborah's front yard.  I forgot to take a group photo, but here is one of our lovely hostess with the beginnings of the 4th pillow top in her series:

Here are the others, arranged on her sofa with a small older cushion:

FRIDAY - ZoomKNIT was a small affair this morning:

I had two appointments scheduled this afternoon and managed to move another load of stuff out of my old studio afterwards.  Let me tell you, I am SEW tired, but all that's left is a couple of boxes, a couple of bins, and the longarm!!

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week (providing that Angela is feeling up to hosting this week.)

Edited to add...

Angela did post a link party and has decided on ORANGE for September's Color of the Month.  Have fun with that, Quilters!  Pumpkins? Autumn leaves?  SEW many possibilities for fabric play.

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  1. So much progress is being made in your studio! I applaud your efforts! I did start on the CiL blocks! I like fall hues! Orange and light/bright green would make a great table runner, topper for September!

  2. I'm so glad you are making progress in the studio; it will really free up your sewing ideas by then! (and hopefully it will be cooler, too!)

  3. It is orange this month. It took until just now for it to register that a new month had happened. I don't know where my mind has gone!

  4. Looks like things are progressing well in your studio - except for maybe the AC? Hoping you will get some help there soon. I also hope the group meeting by the frozen custard place included some frozen custard! :)

  5. Things are getting theirs new place, and the pilows on the sofa looks cozy. Have a wonderful new week, Joy.

  6. So much progress! You'll be back to stitching in the new studio in no time. Thanks fo the link to the Covered in Love blocks. This looks like a really good place to use up some oranges. Happy September!

  7. I'm glad that your studio is coming together. Sounds like lots of progress this week. I had pulled some fall fabrics after seeing the Covered in Love block for this month. Hopefully I'll get a couple made and sent to them next week. It was fun to pull those fall colors out.

  8. It's tiring to see how busy you've been, working in time with friends in between setting up house. Whew. I remember moving, and the challenge it is, and I didn't own half of what you have. I know this because we moved ourselves in a 16-foot U-Haul truck. But I'm glad you're seeing progress toward making it home. No doubt it's feeling better and better.

  9. Your new cutting table setup is great! Glad you have space for it and handy friends and relatives who could disassemble, transport, and reassemble it for you. The 40 x 72 size is wonderful (as I discvoered when I replaced my table). Looks as though it's ORANGE for September and LIME or LIGHT NEUTRAL for October.

  10. You are making great progress in the new studio! I forget AC is not standard outside of Florida! I'm envisioning a pumpkin runner for the table.......

  11. Another busy week for you with lots of fun get togethers. I'm intrigued, Whits Frozen Custard? We dont have that here but it sounds rather yummy. Did you all indulge as payment for using the car park?

  12. you still get so much creative time even around all the unpacking... so impressed with you

  13. Good luck this week with the studio/library set up! Isn't it nice to finally meet again "live and in person"? Hope there was some indulgence in frozen custard!

  14. You're making good progress on all fronts. I don't know whether moving a short distance is a benefit or a burden. I'm happy that the RSC color is orange. I have 4 pumpkin blocks made several years ago that will give me a head start, if I can only find which project box they are in.

  15. Hi Joy, Glad to see you are getting your studio back the way you like it. Are you still in the same town? Cheers.

  16. You are making great progress on many fronts Joy. I am looking forward to sewing with Orange. Thanks for linking up with oh Scrap!

  17. Your studio is looking great, and it is tiring but so rewarding. Cookies and mums make perfect housewarming gifts!

  18. Sounds like a great week!! and!! Cookies!! oh ya!

  19. Isn't it great to get real progress done on your studio? It will be wonderful when you can a) find everything and b) start sewing again!

  20. Congrats on all the progress in getting your studio set up again. Happy stitching this week.

  21. Hip! Hip! Hooray! For getting that studio set up. I know it will take a bit more time to get it 100% set but progress IS progress!


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