Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tutorial Tuesday - A Tale of Two QALs

Welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday!!  I kind of left you in a lurch last week.  Sorry about that (and the fact that my posts are running 2 weeks behind.)  Anyway, decisions can be difficult to come by.  SEW many factors are involved, but most of mine are determined by what The Stash will allow.

Oh!  Are you wondering what I decided?

I'm SEW excited by the prospect of working with such a special batch of scraps!!  Have YOU guessed, yet?  (Hey!  It's possible that some of my readers know me that well!!)  If not, scroll down to the bottom of THIS post.  (Fair warning... It's a LONG post, but well worth the look, as my monthly Quilt Bee is AWESOME and does some INCREDIBLE work!!)

For those who don't wish to follow the link, I thought that I would share a picture of  bottom line.  A GIANT bag from IKEA that was FULL of SCRAPS:

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was.  #bestbirthdayEVER!!!

"50 - It's Just a Number" was going to be the name of the quilt created from these special gift scraps.  However, I believe that "Friendship Chases the Gray Away" is even better (considering the time that has passed with no quilt in sight.)  Especially, with how wonderful these quilting friends are in talking me through the current medical trials and tribulations that I'm dealing with - yet again - with DS2!  These quilters know things and are willing to share their life experiences, along with their quilting hints and tips.

Let's get to work!!

Week 3 - What about the cutting and sewing???

The cutting instructions ending up with an errata post... so it's a good thing that I waited to work on my June quilt QAL quilt, but I did (eventually) get the cutting done:

Although, it did include an error of my own:

Oops!!  Unit A is NOT supposed to be cut from cornerstone fabric!

The sewing was done over a number of days and you got a preview last week, but the pieces are stacking up:

Just LOOK at all of the beautiful colors and patterns:

Next step?  Assembly!!

About that other QAL???  Kevin the Quilter posted the introduction to his Sapphire Stars Mystery quilt.  I'm hoping to dive into this project, too.  Wonder what my stash will have to say about that???
While I'm busy waffling, he posted Clue #1. Time to get busy!!

Until next time...
I'm having SEW much fun!!!


  1. That's it, I caved. I'm sewing along to Sapphire Stars too. Fabric pull will happen today or tomorrow. It's one, low stress clue a month. Hope DS2 medical issues heal quickly. (((HUGS)))) But nothing like a big bag of scraps to help you think of something else! Great friends!

  2. I'm so glad that you have a quilty support group of friends! That kind of friendship truly does chase the grey away (except maybe that pesky grey hair...)

  3. You are a prolific scrapaholic! I hope I can add that title to my name one day! You go girl! Thanks for the shout out and for playing along with "Sapphire Stars!"


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