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ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 30

Welcome to Week 30 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Another fun-filled week here at The Joyful Quilter.  Shall we have a look? I'll give you a clue... Quilting was involved!!  :o))

It actually started off on Saturday, AFTER posting to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Link Party:

More info can be found HERE.

SUNDAY - Today was spent packing up for an adventure.  I also pieced this little H block:

It's going to be the label of a recently completed quilt.
I made it in BLUE for the RSC (and it suits the quilt back.)

MONDAY - Adventure time!!  Sew-In Mini Marathon - Day One

My mantra was "Do something you NEED to do BEFORE doing what you WANT to do!!"


Today, I trimmed my Bluff Quilt in Brown.  Selected binding fabric.  Made and applied binding.  Moved on to sewing the rows of my Rainbow Picnic Sew Along Blanket:


I played "Binding Chicken" and LOST:

So... Bluff Quilt in Brown remains UNFINISHED.  :o((

TUESDAYSew-In Mini Marathon - Day Two

Once again, my mantra was "Do something you NEED to do BEFORE doing what you WANT to do!!"


I trimmed up Bluff Quilt in Blue.  Made and applied binding. Machine stitched the binding down, as today's game of "Binding Chicken" went in my favor:

There was JUST enough.  Here I am closing up the last inch or so:

Details can be found in next week's Wonderful Wednesday post.

Moved on to assembling the scrappy top of my Rainbow Picnic Sew Along Blanket:

Only 3 seams remain:

The rows are sewn in "twosies" and the final row has been attached to the final set of two rows for a "threesie."  Progress!!  :o))

AND, if you can believe it...

Before dinner (a somewhat late dinner), I got the quilt top done:

As if THAT wasn't enough...

After dinner, I loaded a friend's Bicycle Quilt for quilting.

WEDNESDAY - Today's toss up was between a stay-at-home day or a Sew Day at Needleb's house.  What do YOU think I chose???


I stayed home.  :P

First, I did some blog hopping before getting to work. In my travels around BlogLand, I found that Alycia had posted the next clue (Clue 3) for her A6 Mystery quilt.  Now that I've got the fabric situation sorted, I hope to start my own A6 by next week.

Next came the basting AND quilting of this quilt in just 4 hours:

55 x 65

Then, I went next door to help my neighbor.  Whew!! What a day!

Here's another look at Maggie's Bicycle Quilt... as quilted by me:

And another.  What a FUN quilt:

And another.  Thanks for trusting me with your quilt, Maggie!

THURSDAY - A long day with friends and I was too tired to do any kind of sewing task.  Does it count that I actually THOUGHT about loading another quilt on the frame??  :o))

FRIDAY - My short day with friends.  Oh!  Guess what?  Today, Kevin released Clue #2 of the Sapphire Star Mystery.  Hooray!! When I got home this afternoon, I dug out the appropriately colored scrap baskets:

Let the sorting begin!!

While my scrap stash IS sorted by color, it is NOT -necessarily- sorted by size.  It was QUITE an undertaking to go through these overflowing baskets.  (Took the better part of an hour!)

What a difference THIS...

... Made to my scrap baskets:

SATURDAY - Hooray!!  It's LINK PARTY day for the RSC.  What a week it was!!  While working on the Bicycle Quilt the other day, DS1 made some sort of comment regarding the longarm and my productivity.  He asked, "Have you EVER quilted THIS many quilts in so short a time?"  The answer is NO!!!  I have NEVER BEFORE quilted THREE quilts in ONE WEEK!!!

This was DEFINITELY a week for the (personal) record books.

For the RSC Quilters... the color BLUE was involved.  Just NOT even in the production of Scrap Jar Stars.  I still haven't found the background pieces.  They've been missing for a month!!  :o((

Oh, and I'll have to catch up with all of you later today or sometime tomorrow.  DH and I are off to my MIL's.  We will be there to celebrate a happy day with her.  DS1 is already over that way and DS2 is at a party for his best friend, who is celebrating his own happy day.  I'm off to finish up making the cake.

Have a HAPPY day, you two!

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Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. That was really a productive week! Love the picnic blanket. And I always lose at "binding chicken." The fabric is the master!

  2. Huzzah for organization and progress!

  3. Hah! I didn't know I was playing Binding Chicken all these years. Thankfully I've been on a winning streak. Good luck to you!

  4. Your posts make my day! I've never lost at Binding Chicken but I've come oh so close.

  5. Your posts make my day! I've never lost at Binding Chicken but I've come oh so close.

  6. I wish I could be as productive as you... sigh... but another wonderful week for you! I especially like that rainbow block top. Can't wait to see how you quilt that!

  7. I need a nap after seeing all that you got done this week! Congratulations!

  8. I love your Love card - what a great idea! The rainbow picnic blanket is wonderful,too! Can you tell I'm partial to that rainbow theme?

    1. Love the LOVE card. I copied the Wednesday post directions because I plan to add words to my Gentrification quilt for Challenge three. I may need a,little help if I decide to go this way, appliqué the letters.

  9. I really like your Rainbow Picnic blanket, and I just love the quilting on the bicycle quilt, so suitable.

  10. Wow, that's a very productive week. Congrats on all the progress.

  11. So much accomplished! Whew - I was overwhelmed just reading about it.

  12. Wow lots of great quilting got done, 3 quilts quilted! I your scrap baskets of colour.

  13. I'm winded just looking at what you accomplished this week. All lovely work too :) I hope you had a lovely visit celebrating the happy day with your MIL.

  14. You go girl! I loved the before and after pics of your scrap pulls and baskets! Use it all up!

  15. Wow! Pat yourself on the back for such a productive week! The wedding card was inspired!

  16. I am wore out just reading about your week. :)

    Love seeing those pretty piles of scraps. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  17. I'm so glad you didn't lose at binding chicken twice :) Congrats on such a productive week full of finishes! Hooray!

  18. I love seeing what other do with all those gorgeous scraps. Nice work.

  19. My goodness - you got so much done this week. Great job and I love how you quilted the bicycle quilt.

  20. Love reading your detailed blog. Very informative.

  21. What a week! and the bicycle quilt looks great!! Get those clues done - another comes out tomorrow....

  22. You play "binding chicken?!" Hah! Too funny. I love that spiral pattern you did on Maggie's Bicycle Quilt. Did you do that freehand, or with some kind of panto or template? How do you keep those circles so smooth and regular?

  23. Love your quilting on Maggie's bicycle quilt!!!


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