Sunday, August 9, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - Lutheran World Relief Quilts

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  It's been a while since the last post, but I wanted to share an urgent need with you.  Did you hear that there was a devastating explosion in Beirut, Lebanon this week?  If you watch the news, listen to the radio, or pick up your cell phone during the day, you probably did.

The following is an excerpt from Jo @ Jo's Country Junction:

... I was so sad to hear about the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.  Along with the death came a lot of destruction.  The blast destroyed three of Lutheran World Relief’s 40-foot shipping containers, which were stored in the port and held more than 22,000 LWR Mission Quilts, 100 cartons of School Kits, 300 cartons of Personal Care Kits and 125 cartons of Baby Care Kits that were being prepared for distribution.

This is a huge blow to the many-many people who volunteer countless hours in the work to make these quilts, school kits, personal care kits, and baby care kits.  Being someone who has made many of these in the past, I know how sad it is to those that work so hard to help others.

If you know of a Lutheran World Relief charity group, many are part of the Lutheran Church, please do what you can to support them.  Donate fabric for quilts or even sew a simple quilt top for them.  I know the groups will be scrambling to make more quilts than they ever have before.  Often a top is as simple as 10 1/2″ squares sewn in a 6 x 8 layout as quilts need to be 60 x 80ish.


This is an opportunity for YOU to jump in and help, if you are inclined to do so.  At the end of her post, Jo gave the dimensions for the quilts in need of replacement.

What size was that, Joyful???

The quilts or tops should measure approximately 60 x 80 inches.  Jo suggested something as simple as 10.5" squares sewn in a 6 x 8 layout.  That's only 48 squares of fabric!

Want to participate, but don't have TIME to sew for LWR???

I'll arrange the sewing for you.  All you have to do is cut and mail the squares!!  I will have my minions do the rest find another quilter to do the sewing.  I might even do it for you, myself!  (I like a bit of mindless sewing once in a while.)

Where can I get more information about LWR??

Here is the LINK for the Lutheran World Relief.  I didn't find the website particularly user friendly. Instead, I will pass along quilt tops made from donated fabric to a local organization who supports this mission.  (If any of you readers belong to a group of LWR quilters, please leave the information in the comments below.)

Will you be showing us a quilt photo, Joyful!!!

Here is a photo of my very first Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, Grand Illusion, circa 2014:

Note: The top row is folded over in the photo.

Later, I made a pieced back instead of continuing with the pieced borders that Bonnie had planned:

The original border pieces were incorporated at each end of the quilt back.
Alas, now that I have a longarm quilting machine, I will have to add
a border to allow for the backing to be attached to the rails.

I pulled the quilt out the other day.  Needleb was looking for a quilt top to make a quick gift.  My quilt was too big for that need and now, too small for the LWR purposes.

Side note:  It's PURPLE for the RSC.  :o))

I plan on doing some additional research into LWR Mission Quilts (to see if there are any exclusions that should be made for religious or cultural reasons.)  Please leave me a comment, if you are interested in contributing to this effort.

Until next time...

SEW some love!!!


  1. I was moved by Jo's post, as well. I plan to check what I have on hand to see what I can contribute.

  2. Count me in. I saw Jo's post too and was saddened by it. Keeps us posted

  3. I am very sadden by this unforeseen incident in Lebanon. I feel for these families. Although I am not attached, or take part in any religion or cult, I would like to lend a hand if possible. Let us know what is acceptable. ;^)

  4. I was also sad to read Jo's post about the loss of all those LWR quilts. I'm putting them on my list of charities, to make tops for. 60x80 is the high upper end of the largest quilts I finish, but I can certainly make flimsies and backs :)

  5. I missed Jo's post, so thank you for reposting here, Joy. I've been a part of 4 churches that make LWR quilts and have helped make many quilts that went overseas with LWR. I'm so sorry to hear they lost 22,000, plus other kits. I'm even more sorry about all the people who lost their lives and the homes destroyed from that explosion. They could really use those quilts there right now. Our daughter was in Beirut last fall when civil protests were at its peak, so we've felt some connection to the country.

  6. Not just a fabulous front but that backing is wow! I'm usually nervous about pieced backings but this looks amazing.

  7. Grand Illusion turned out beautifully. Your color sections tone it down a bit, I felt mine was a bit wild looking.


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