Tuesday, August 4, 2020

A New Linky Party - Longarm Learning Link-Up

Welcome!  I've been invited to a party!!

A brand NEW Linky Party with an intense focus on learning the ins and outs of the act of quilting.  I'm on time (for once!)  Rebecca @ Cheeky Cognoscenti is launching the weekly event TODAY.

Want to come along?

Any kind of quilter.  Any type of quilt-related project.  Any kind of quilting, frame-mounted or sit-down longarm, midarm, and domestic alike!  In her synopsis, Rebecca states:

The purpose of the Long Arm Learning linky party is to foster a community of long arm quilters to inspire, encourage, and learn from one another, helping us all to become better quilters.

The thing that really resonated with me was Rebecca's desire for us to learn from one another.  That's my favorite part about the quilt groups in which I participate.


... Since Rebecca was kind enough to invite me to join.  I'll be linking up to share the very beginning of my longarm journey revealed in THIS POST.   (Sorry!  My machine has been out of commission this summer!)

Link parties need pretty pictures.  This is my overflowing PURPLE Quilted Scrap Basket made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

It's time to dig in and choose scraps for August's blocks and projects.  Scrap quilting is SEW much fun, but so is learning more about the quilting process!  Rebecca has adopted a fresh format for her Link Party.  YOU won't want to miss what she has in store for us.

Until next time...
Come on.  Let's go!!!


  1. Hmmmm..... so tempting since I could use all the help I can get with FMQ on my domestic sewing machine. Always in search of new designs to quilt!

  2. I'm with you at the fun new link up! Out of commission for the summer? 😕

  3. and off to the races!!! can't wait to see those purples sewn up...

  4. Oh, but WHY is your machine “out of commission” this summer? Did you send her back to Iowa for a Spa Treatment? Thank you for linking up with Long Arm Learning! I enjoyed reading about your trip to go get your Millie in 2016. I see quilt designs everywhere when I’m traveling, too. :-)


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