Saturday, August 29, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 35

Welcome to Week 35 of the 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This is the last full week of PURPLE sewing.  My RSC blocks are both done, but my two mini quilts celebrating August's Color of the Month still remain tops.

Let's see if we can fix that over the course of the next 7 days...

SUNDAY - I visited with my friend Joanna and turned the heel (using the Criminally Mindless Heel by Kath Baer found in As the Heel Turns by Hilary Latimer) on my 2nd Halloween Sock:

MONDAY - Bellinis for breakfast - or something like that.  Raising a toast to our friend Kath, who passed away over the weekend:

I started knitting the leg of my 2nd Halloween Sock.  It's definitely looking like it won't take another two years to finish this one!  Jeanne @ X wanted to know.  LOL!!

TUESDAY - Today, renovations began on My Purple Palace mini quilt, as things were looking a little sparse:

I also did some sewing and squaring up for my niece's wedding quilt...

... Before my machine spit a piece of metal at me... AGAIN!!!  The last time was quite a number of years ago:

Tonight was my Evening Quilt Bee's (now) monthly Zoom meeting and 7 quilters joined in this time:

WEDNESDAY - A variety of tasks kept me busy this morning.  These included grocery processing and writing a few upcoming blog posts.  After lunch, I faced the giant (so to speak.)

When neighbors wave, I wave back.  When quilt borders wave, it's time to employ another of the tricks of the trade.  You see, there were a few "wrinkles" to iron out of the quilt on the longarm.  That meant that it was time to pull out my small iron and my can of Magic Sizing to take up a bit of the slack:

Now, I'm ready for (what I hope will be) the final quilting session, once this week's Zoom session with LeeAnna is done.  Here we are:

THURSDAY - ZoomBEE met this morning.  The following twelve quilters were in attendance:

After the meeting, I mentioned to LeeAnna that today's meeting included a lot of heartache and a little bit of quilting.  Some weeks are like that, aren't they?

Later in the day, I did another round of the Starch Treatment on the quilt currently on the rails of the longarm:

Only TWO ripples remain between me and the last few rows of quilting on this gorgeous quilt!  (Look, RSC Quilters... PURPLE!!)

FRIDAY - It was ZoomKNIT day!  These six friends joined in to chat and knit the morning away:

This afternoon, I released a new Design Floor Friday post.  If you liked my IMPROV Adventure from the beginning of the month, you might like to see the home improvements that have been made to the wall hanging that I called My PURPLE Palace.  Here's a preview:

SATURDAY - How on Earth did it get to be LINK PARTY day, already?!?!  Angela @ So Scrappy is our hostess for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  (When the party begins) I'm headed there to see what PURPLE scrap sensations have been created this week.  Won't YOU join me?

Until next time...
Scrap SEW safely!!!


  1. You've had a perfectly wonderful purple month. Congratulations on finishing up your RSC projects. Love your sock and the yarn you're using. Such pretty colors! I've been occasionally working on my socks too. If you recall, I knit two-at-a-time so there's two sides to this: 1) I always have the 2nd sock done right away, and 2) it takes twice as long to knit one round. I see you knit the socks toe-up. My friend knits ALL her socks that way.

  2. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend! It’s never easy to lose a friend. Looks like you were pretty productive nonetheless. The Zoom calls must really be fun! I’m impressed with anyone who knits socks! And Halloween socks are just the best!
    Looking forward to red next month, or yellow... !

  3. The socks look fun! So sorry for the loss of your friend. Your purple improv quilt is sure fun!

  4. You are becoming a Zoom expert! At least it means getting to see other humans. Good luck finishing those last purple projects!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you lost a friend this week, Joy. There is too much heartache in our world right now. That pretty purple and green that you are starching has got me all curious now! What is it becoming?

  6. it's just too difficult to lose a friend...she's happy you're with each other remembering her fondly. Now no more pictures of me with a double chin... when did that show up? I must have had the camera low... that's right...

  7. I love your sock. I really must get some yarn - this pandemic has me running very, very low. ~Jeeanne

  8. So sorry you lost your friend. I hope you have lots of memories to treasure her.
    I haven't knit socks for a while - you're tempting me to dig out my bin of fingering yarn.
    And I love the landscaping you've done on your palace!

  9. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. The sock is coming along well... it may even be done by Halloween!

  10. Always so sad to lose a friend, especially during these times when attending funerals can be affected with the virus.
    As usual, you always have a very busy and productive week, zooming here zooming there!
    I'm doing a little slow sock knitting too. The trick for me is to knit two at once.

  11. We are blessed when we have special people in our lives. The passing of one so loved reminds us that this life is not a rehearsal. Neat trick to tame those waves. That purple turquoise colour scheme is gorgeous. Cute sock.

  12. How you manage to knit a sock while wearing it is beyond me. So talented!! :)


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