Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday - Magic Circles? - Seeing Stars!

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Earlier this year, a friend wrote up a tutorial for Magic Stars that I shared here on the blog.  Some people wondered why the block hadn't been called Magic Circles.  (I would tend to agree.)

You are in for a treat today!  Since the tutorial was released, I've been gathering examples of blocks and projects made from it.

Not long after the tutorial was posted...

... I discovered Diann @ Little Penguin Quilts made a bold and bright set of Magic Star blocks (that she said is probably) for a new table runner:

I absolutely LOVE the method she used for choosing her fabrics!  It's one that I frequently employ.  Diann chose a pretty print and then picked "blender" fabrics to go with it.  It's especially good for the "color choice impaired" among us, as the fabric designer has already provided a selection of coordinating colors!)  Here is Diann's completed project:

I was SEW looking forward to other quilters making these blocks.  I enjoy seeing the difference that color choice makes when paired with a number of people working from the same quilt pattern.

Within a week...

Louise @ My Quilt Odyssey had also made a set of Magic Stars...

... With plans to make a donation quilt, but that post has yet to be released.

Several months after post time...

I got an email from Janis @ Canyon Rim Quilting after leaving a comment on her blog regarding her intentions for making a two-color Magic Star quilt.  The plans had changed. (Isn't that ALWAYS the case?!)

SEW, anyway...

Janis liked her sample blocks made from contrasting Fat Quarters so much that she decided to roll with it.  Here is the photo (shared with Judy @ Small Quilts and Doll Quilts) she kindly alerted me about:

I'll be looking forward to seeing Janis's expanded layout after the fabric shopping trip she has planned and followed by sewing up more blocks!

I had heard of the Design Wall Monday Link-Up, but had never visited.  It was quite a treat!  YOU might want to go take a look, too.


Deb @ Happy to be Scrappy jumped on board:

Just LOOK where she took the design in just one week's time:

How awesome is that?!  It get's better.  Go take a look at the last photo on her post!  :o))


LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color said that she was going to make some.  Here is what she came up with:

By the end of that week, it looked like this:

And now...

Scrapatches recently shared that Dorian @ Ridge Top Quilts had posted about her fall down the rabbit hole:

This was particularly exciting, as Dorian had adapted the technique to fit her available fabric.  Not only that, but she also experimented with a variety of widths for her cuts.  SEW much fun!

In my comment on the post linked above, I shared that I, too, had worked on a variation of the block tutorial.  The resulting quilt has yet to be completed, but my MINI Magic Star quilt top is done and waiting for its turn to be quilted on the longarm:

14.5" square

And now...

You can find the accompanying (Charm Square-friendly!) MINI Magic Star block instructions at the following TUTORIAL LINK at the top of my blog's home page.

Thank you to everyone who has given the Magic Stars tutorial a try!  Perhaps, this should have been a Tidy Up Tuesday post, but it has been SEW exciting to see the different variations pop up out in BlogLand.  Wonderful Wednesday, it is!  I hope YOU will give my MINI Magic Stars a try, as well.

Goodness knows we've all got random charm packs sitting around, don't we???  (Look for another post featuring a collection of those blocks at a later date.)

Until next time...
MAKE some Magic!!!


  1. Joy, you started something! Definitely magic. Thanks for featuring my project!

  2. Nice! It's great to see others sewing your tutorial.

  3. Fun post.... Emily has played with the little blocks I made and has a layout. She said they are done as is! Love LeAnna's with the whites....

  4. I like all of the blocks but Diann's bold and bright table runner is gorgeous! ~Jeeanne

  5. So fun to see all the color combos! Such a versatile pattern. Mine is patiently waiting in a project zip bag until other things get moved along :)

  6. What fun to see all the other versions!

  7. Lots of different versions. It's always so fun to see different versions of the same block.

  8. Such a versatile block. So many variations and they all look fantastic.

  9. Do you remember Jack & the Beanstalk. Well there is a sequel to that. It is called Joy and the Magic Squares - they are growing like weeds. It is all your fault and that is terrific!!!


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