Saturday, August 8, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 32

Welcome to Week 32 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was the start of a month that I've been looking forward to with great anticipation.  In case you haven't heard, let me explain...

August PURPLE month for the RSC!!!

Many of the RSC Quilters are thrilled.  Count me in their numbers.  :o))

SUNDAY - This morning, I caught up with blogging friends.  The plan was to go up to the sewing room after lunch, but...

A friend who lives in England shared the following LINK to the Festival of Quilts (online this year, due to the global pandemic.)  Needless to say, I spent a couple of hours wandering around the show.

Late in the day, I hauled myself upstairs to do two things.  One goal was to assemble the storage system that I picked up at my friend Candy's house a couple of weeks ago:

With the latest NEW Blogger update, it seems that adding a caption
is the only way to get an uncooperative photo to the center of the page.

DONE!!  It's also loaded with the scrap bags which had previously occupied that space.  Organizing will take place at a later date, as I had another job to do.  It's a NEW month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (and I didn't get around to taking down July's quilts.)

The bird in the tree has flown away.  :o((

Multi-colored quilts, but...

... Not a lot of PURPLE for the RSC.

DONE!!  The studio Gallery Wire is decked out in (the few quilts that include) PURPLE and it seems that I have my task for August.  Another mini quilt is in order.  Luckily, I already have a plan in place.

I also took the opportunity to play with laying out a few Bonus HSTs which were leftover from last year's Pecking Order quilt:

MONDAY - It was a slow start to the week.  I did manage to cut the pieces for my Scrap Buster Challenge block:

TUESDAY - With Sunday's Bonus block done, I only need to make ONE more before setting decisions can be made:

It pleases me to be getting MORE use out of the Fossil Fern scraps that were given to me by my friend Gayle last year or the year before.

WEDNESDAY - I skipped out on grocery duty AGAIN!!  This is the second week in a row that I've called in my"assistant" so that I could go have coffee with my friends:

On the way home, I stopped by Knittingsuek's house to check it the quilt plan for her latest quilt:

(One of) My RSC block(s) is done for the month.  I have to say, I am THRILLED!!!  It only took EIGHT MONTHS, but I got it right on the first try:

I cut more PURPLE scraps for a version of Magic Stars:

Most of these were used in the quilt that I gave away earlier this year.  LINK!!!

The late afternoon found me Zooming with LeeAnna:

THURSDAY - Today is ZoomBEE.  10 quilters joined in:


Or not!  This kitty visit photo didn't give us time to smile.

FRIDAY - I had planned to start my day with this week's ZoomKNIT meeting, but was only able to pop in before anyone else arrived to say that I had an urgent errand to run:

Good morning! Goodbye.

After spending a few minutes with them, I had to say goodbye.  It was my day to help another friend and a quick grocery run was needed today.  It was the first time I've stepped foot in a grocery store since March!!  (I thought I had avoided the need to go inside, by placing a pick-up order last night, but another item got added to the list this morning.)

After lunch, I released a new Design Floor Friday post.  Check it out to see what became of these PURPLE blocks:

Go on.  You KNOW you want to see!!  :o))

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  If YOU like PURPLE, it's a great day to visit Angela over at her So Scrappy blog!  I am prepared for PURPLE month...

... With my Kitchen Quilt, Butterflies in 3-D, cheering the space:

What fun I had playing with my PURPLE scraps this week!

Until next time...
Scrap SEW safely!!!


  1. Your Bons HST block is a fun one - is it destined for your mini wall? I love the 3D butterflies, too. Your scrappy purple block looks great!

  2. A busy week... and I am wondering what got added to the grocery list! Love the little purple wall hanging. I love purple.... and have been waiting for this month!!!!!

  3. Your purple is looking great! Nice to see everyone happy this month!

  4. You did a great job getting your purple scraps in order this week, especially since you had several trips to make. Love the Bonus HST project -- super fun! I too am wondering if it will be going up on the mini wall?

  5. Thanks for the link to the Festival of Quilts! I will enjoy the virtual show. (And, hey, no vendor mall to tempt me.)

  6. Such lovely purple stuff happening at your house! Thanks for the link to the Festival of Quilts. I've been loving this virtual quilt show.

  7. Of course, you have lots of fun projects and visits this month! It is such fun to read your “diary”. I’m particularly interested in your 3D butterfly quilt! Is it your creation?

  8. You have to center photos with the text option under the 3 dots.

  9. How was the grocery store?? Ours are quite grim right now. Still a lot of empty spaces on the shelves. Count me in for loving those purple butterflies, too. I also share your frustration with Blogger. It was working fine! I wonder what happened? Happy weekend, Joy!

  10. PS: at least you've figured out how to do a caption!

  11. What a fun post!! And I love your 3-D butterflies!! I think the Zoom idea is a great way to stay in touch with friends, especially quilting friends!!

  12. A very busy but productive week. Lots of fun projects in the works and on display. Enjoy playing with all your purple scraps.

  13. The Pecking Order left overs (pecked over?) are really floating my boat! I love the brights and black together, yum!


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