Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tutorial Tuesday - {Charm Square Friendly} Mini Magic Stars

 Welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday!!  I'm here to share my latest hair brained idea.  You KNOW that I love miniatures, right?  Well, I've really done it this time...

Quilters, I've shrunk the

Magic Stars Quilt!!!

Here is the tutorial for Joyful's MINI MAGIC STARS:

I originally cut 4 pairs of 5" squares to make the blocks shown above.  (You could use a Charm Pack to make things go a little faster.)  I really like using my scraps!  The 4" square below is an example of what can happen when you shrink the Magic Star blocks shared in THE FULL SIZE TUTORIAL:

From the leftovers of my "regular" Magic Star quilt, I cut pairs of 5" squares for another set of mini blocks and started slicing them up.  The first cut is at 3.25" and leaves you with a pair of 3.25 x 5" chunks and a couple of strips that measure 5" x 1.75 inches.  Set the strips aside for a moment...

... And turn the chunk so that you can cut it into a pair of 3.25" squares and a pair of short strips measuring 1.75" x 3.25 inches:

After that, you will swap the pieces and parts to make units like the one below. First, by stitching opposite squares and short strips...

Then adding the longer strips to create a set of squares bordered on adjoining sides:

There will be some trimming required when these units are sewn.  As shown in the photo below, you will trim to 4.5" square:

Note:  The previous cut can be made before sewing.  I choose to wait until after the pieces are sewn.

Stack the resulting (trimmed) pairs, right side up...

 ... And line up as shown below, and cut them from corner to corner.  Please make sure you can see your "star point" triangles to make sure you are cutting on the appropriate diagonal:

Switch the pieces around and sew.  Sorry!  A cutting mishap had me switching out a piece.  Pretend the background is the same:

After sewing, your pieces will look like this:

Press and trim to 4 inches square:

If there is a step that I haven't made clear, please refer to the original tutorial, substituting the new measurements.  I hope you will grab a charm pack (or some scraps) and give my Mini Magic Stars a try!  

When you do (because you KNOW you want to), please link to this post and drop me an email to let me know that you're making your own quilt.  Here's my quilt top:

Note:  More photos can be seen in yesterday's Mini Monday post, if you'd like to see how my quilt top came together.

Special thanks to the amazing Math Man!  My Design Assistant and very own DS2 was responsible for figuring out the measurements needed to shrink Tiffany's version of the instructions.  I hope you enjoy this Charm Square-friendly version of Magic Stars.

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  1. Darn you! Has anyone accused you lately of causing squirrels to run loose all over the place? Anyone? Anyone?
    I have charm packs.... cause sometimes you just need a few dollars to get free shipping..... that is my story and I am sticking to it!

  2. Oh, I love it! And I even have a charm pack just waiting to be played with. Can you say squirrel? :)

  3. Sigh.... 4 pairs made.... and I only messed up one pair! 3 for 4 =) I linked back to this post...... Now to go put an NCIS episode on and hand quilt. I'll save the machine quilting for my day off on Thursday =)

  4. Now, that is brilliant! I like these blocks much more in the smaller version!,

  5. Thanks for sharing. That is way easier than it looks.

  6. Oh wow! That looks so simple, can't wait to try it. Thanks a million!!

  7. As a mini enthusiast, this hits all the high notes for me! I love taking a pattern and reducing it. Well done!

  8. glad to see it using charm squares - I like it

  9. Cool. I've seen this pattern before, but didn't realize that's how it's done! Pretty quilt.

  10. That's such a clever block! I'm working on scrap quilts at the moment and this might be one to try. Thank you for the easy to follow instructions.

  11. I just love how this all comes together,Joy. Thank you so much for leading us through the instructions for making it. You are kind to share!

  12. Thank you for the tutorial. What a fun block and design!

  13. I should print this out, but then I'll lose the paper... maybe print and keep the link in my tutorials area... bound to run into one of those when I want it!

  14. Neat technique! Your mini really makes the eye dance. 😊

  15. What a fun block. It seems complicated to make (as I sit here, tired, at 1:30 a.m. reading this post) but when I'm ready to give it a try and follow your steps, I'm sure your directions will become clear. Thanks!

  16. The mini version is a great way to use up scraps. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting and working out the math.

  17. "Unleash the squirrels!" Joyful yelled. And the squirrels were EVERYWHERE!


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