Monday, November 15, 2010

HELP! My Sewing Machine Spit at Me!

It was a really productive weekend. I made a total of 12 Crumb blocks for a UFO and worked on borders for my Ravelry Friendship Star Swap quilt, also a UFO. I didn't start ANYTHING new! (Aren't you proud of me? I'm feeling supremely virtuous!)

Divine intervention came when I was SUPPOSED to be making dinner last night, but wasn't...

My sewing machine went THUNK! and spit a piece of metal out at me. This is NOT a good sign! I think it was tired of all the sewing I was doing this weekend. Couldn’t it have just SAID that, instead of spitting metal at me??? :o(

Here's how it happened:

I was happily sewing along, to finish ONE MORE BLOCK, when I ran out of bobbin thread! (Isn't that ALWAYS the case?) I stopped, pulled the bits off, and forgot that I was out of bobbin thread... so I started sewing again.

Apparently, the machine then pulled the top thread down and it wrapped around the bobbin casing and jammed up the machine. (That’s where a THUNK! sounded…I think.)

It was good and truly jammed so I removed the bobbin casing and tried to ease the machine into submission. It was having none of THAT! (Maybe this is when it went THUNK!) Then it proceeded to spit a piece of metal at me! Can you IMAGINE???

Great! Just great! I was really getting into the habit of working on my UFOs, too. :o(

I suppose I'll have to find something ELSE to do while my machine goes on VACATION!!! (I may even have to resort to QUILTING, rather than PIECING - I use a different machine for that.)

Updates to follow...


  1. Thanks! It hit the machine bed and not me. By the looks of it, the machine will be fixed BEFORE the repair guy gets a call from me! I keep forgetting to call, but my friend is the one dropping it off...thank goodness. :o)


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