Friday, December 10, 2010

Vacation's Over

So...anybody wondering what happened with the spitting machine?

I heard from the sewing machine repair guy the other day. My Pfaff has been restored to full heath for a grand total of $42.00 US. Not a bad price for a month-long excursion! LOL

Goodness knows, it could have been much, MUCH worse!

The machine went on an extended vacation due to the fact that my repair guy keeps limited shop hours. Every time my friend called or went by to drop it off, the shop was closed! Can you IMAGINE not being able to sew on your favorite piecing machine for a month???

I'm going to pick up my machine on Tuesday. Just in the nick of time...I've got a quilt due on Wednesday and I really miss the built in dual feed/walking foot on my Pfaff. There's still binding to apply and be stitched down. Too many puckers without that feature!

Look for more details on that quilt on Tuesday night...

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