Friday, December 17, 2010

Patriotic with a Twist

Hooray! Another UFO completed. This one was begun in March (2009?) at our guild's Quilt Fest - Donation Quilt Workshop. I was so busy talking that all I only got the cutting and first sewing done. The sewn strips hung in my sewing closet for over a year before I decided that I needed to put the quilt together.

Here's the rest of the story:

Two quilting friends came over for a sew day a couple of months ago and this was the project that I chose to work on. The funny thing was...I didn't even remember that it was on my UFO List!!!

I took the sewn strips from the closet and started chopping! 3 1/2" chunks and 6 1/2" chunks turned into the basis for my blocks. Once the sewing had been completed, I threw the blocks on my "design floor" to see what we could do with them. I arranged the blocks one way and my friends arranged them another. Together, we came up with a pleasing arrangement. With the addition of some alternate blocks and an unusual border configuration, a plan was formed. The top was done by the end of the day. (So what if it was almost MIDNIGHT!!!)

A few days I went to my mini group. This quilt top was part of my show and tell for the day. Lucky me! One of my friends volunteered to quilt it on her longarm. So...the waiting began.

I wasn't in a hurry because the quilt was to be a donation quilt. I worked on other projects in the meantime. The quilted piece was returned to me on Monday of this week. However, it wasn't at the top of the list for finishing so it had to wait its turn.

That turn came the next day (Tuesday of this week.) Once my other projects were completed I could devote time to working on this one. I was quilting with 2 other friends and brought Patriotic with a Twist along to make the binding. And, make the binding, I did...only to discover that I had cut the strips incorrectly!

You see, I was trying a two-color binding technique that yet another friend had found on the internet. Once the strips were cut and sewn together, I found that I had run out of time. Sadly, it was time to go home. You know what happens at home, don't you??? Dinner and laundry, etc. Another day passed without preparing the binding. That brings us to Wednesday of this week.

What happens?! I've got a Field Trip to attend with DS2. No time for sewing. That's ok, it was a wonderful adventure. When I return home...there's MORE dinner to make and MORE laundry to do! No problem...tomorrow's another day. I did, however, manage to look at the binding sections long enough to realize that I had cut the pieces INCORRECTLY. :o(

You won't BE-lieve it!! The kids are home from school!!! Icy conditions in the morning and who knows what it will be in the afternoon? I did manage to make time for quilting. The binding situation was cleared up. The binding was prepared, attached, and sewn down! You know what that means, don't you???

The quilt is DONE!!!

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