Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tidy Up Tuesday - Gallery Wire

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  I'm a simple girl at heart.  For last year's major gift-giving event, I asked for installation of the gallery wire that I had purchased at IKEA some months before.  I also asked for a wall-mounted shelf system to be moved from one side of the studio to the other.  That happened.  The gallery wire did not.


... Last Saturday, while I was at the Sew/Craft Friends-zy for the month of June.  More about THAT tomorrow!

I'm not sure what the impetus for the project was on this particular weekend.  I stopped asking about it MONTHS ago!  The wire kit was moved to the corner of DH's desk (so that he could remember to complete the install.)  There it remained.


... Last Saturday, while I was at Sew/Craft Friends-zy.  Like I said earlier, more about THAT tomorrow!  :o))

OK.  So, there WAS a reason.  Unfortunately, I've already forgotten what DH explained the other night.  YES!!  I was listening.  Why do you ask???  Hey!  There is a limited amount of things that I can remember.  I'm running out of available storage space in my brain.  

What can you do?!  Some things stick (like EVERY song I've ever heard!) and some things are heard and slip through the cracks.


The gallery wire was (FINALLY!!!) installed.


Upon my return from  Raleigh, I was ceremoniously guided to the studio door to see if I would notice was had been done.  Anchored by this sleek bracket...

... THIS is empty wire is what I saw, stretched across the studio wall behind the longarm:

Yay, me!!  I noticed right away.  (And... he hadn't even hung a mini quilt along the expanse!)  I just MIGHT have given him a BIG hug and kiss, but I won't elaborate on that.  LOL!!

Last night, I added a few of the spring-like quilts from my collection:

There's space for quite a few more:

I expect this to be a space for rotating exhibits throughout the year.  As such, the majority of these small Spring-y quilts will be replaced next month with some depicting a more patriotic theme.


... Except for the hand stitched JOY mini made by my friend, Sue!!  That will probably stay up year round, since it's my name and all.  :P

Until next time...
I am SEW happy!!!


  1. Wow! That is quite a nice surprise to have it all hung up and ready to go. Great job hubby.

  2. Oh, I love this! We used that wire to hold curtains in a tiny bathroom in our RV and it worked so well. No issues at all after 9 years in a moving vehicle. It should proudly carry your quilts for many years to come. Yay for your DH!!

  3. What a great idea to use that Ikea wire system for hanging quilts! Great job your hubby did even if it took awhile!

  4. I'll be interested how you like the wire down the road. Do you think it will sag with more quilts on it?

  5. What a great way to return from a trip or activity!!! What a wonderful way to enjoy your quilts!!!


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