Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Sew Saturday in Clayton

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  In this post, I will be sharing the details of last weekend's sewing adventure.  After linking up with Angela's Rainbow Scrap Challenge LINK PARTY, I headed out the door.

Some would say that I'm crazy to have driven an hour to sew for the day.  I believe that my friends are worth the time invested.

Would YOU like a glimpse into our day?

I was the first one to arrive, but Lisa brought out her completed Feathered Star quilt top:

She didn't like the flow of her Blooming 9-Patch colors, so she used some Color Release on one of them and over-dyed the resulting cloth.  It fits in MUCH better:

I put in some time on my Scrap Attack goal for the month of June:

Carol arrived and got to work on her beautiful Bear Paw quilt:

The "claws" with color are from one of her grandmother's shirts.  She intermingles those with plain black to extend the design:

Carol will build the quilt back around this gorgeous bear panel:

Here, you can see how she began:

Graylagran arrived and gave us a little Quilt Show.  This is her very first quilt top, pieced back when she was a girl:

She explained the process of making this stunning quilt top:

This quilt (from the Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters) was Graylagran's first attempt at paper piecing:

Another quilt from the Midnight Quilt Show, but most of these fabrics came straight out of her scrap bin:

This quilt is so big that she might have it longarm quilted:

A quilt made from nice BIG pieces:

Lisa helped Carol with building the backing for the Bear Paw quilt:

Graylagran even brought her current quilt-in-progress:

Just LOOK at that texture:

This is a wolf paw cut-out.  Carol brought it along to give us an idea of her quilting plan for a portion of her quilt.  She will use an image of a bear's paw, but didn't have one readily available:

Creating a pieced quilt back takes a LOT of planning:

Ravelry quilters unite.  MUST have a photo:

Carol shared photos of design options using THESE fabrics:

Graylagran shared THIS quilt (shown below) from her Pinterest page.  I absolutely LOVE the feel of a fun and funky "Jelly Roll Race Quilt".  Personally, I would call the quilt shown below Confetti Race:

 Lisa shared some of her miniature quilts:

 Graylagran's project for the day Rail Fence Stars:

Quilt back assembly is complete:

In honor of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, Joy included some TEAL in her IMPROV Challenge...

... As well as some AQUA...

... And a tiny bit of TURQUOISE:

These fabrics all came from an IMPROV Swap held within the Quilters Knitting group on Ravelry:

I'm using scraps.  Just not my own scraps!  At least, there were a fair amount that fit with the RSC Color of the Month:

While Lois couldn't be with us today, she worked on quilting with her granddaughter:

And with her grandson:

Graylagran's scrap bin even aligned with the Color of the Month:

Oops!  This version of my IMPROV Challenge may provide a logistical problem... back to the drawing board:

I was ONE block short, so I made this one straight out of Graylagran's scrap bin.  Here she is "modeling" it:

Whoo hoo!!  Carol got the Bear Paw quilt pin basted today:

Graylagran does some last minute sewing before time to leave:

Until next time...
Share the quilty love!!!


  1. Your sewing adventure sounds like it was fun! Love that Jelly Roll Race/Confetti Race. Thanks for sharing. ~Jeanne

  2. I would drive an hour for sewing with a nice group like that. Not every week but yes, I would join every now and again. Would join more often if our gas was as cheap as in the States, ha! Lovely projects. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

  3. Definitely worth an hour's drive! Y'all accomplished a lot.

  4. That quilty gathering was DEFINITELY worth an hour's drive :)

  5. Wow, what an amazing bunch of fabulous quilts and quilters!!!

  6. Goodness what a fun filled day!!! love all the quilts and projects!

  7. Totally worth the drive! For you and for them! 8)

  8. Looks like a lot of fun and sounds like a very productive time. Well worth the hour drive!

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