Saturday, June 23, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 25

Welcome to Week 25 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each week I post my progress (or lack thereof) in working on scraps in the Color of the Month.  As you may or may not know, for June, Angela assigned:

While TEAL/TURQUOISE/AQUA is one of my favorite color families, I still have not managed to be very productive this month.

Here is how the week panned out...

SUNDAY - Happy Father's Day!  Obviously, no sewing was done today.  It was ALL about that man who fathered my children.  That's OK because he is SEW worth it!  :o))

MONDAY - I began this work week with...

TUESDAY - It's a blur!!  Apparently, nothing momentous occurred.  I did take some time to declutter a few items from my closet, remembering my 1 in 1 out rule (and Friday's shopping expedition.)

WEDNESDAYWent by Needleb's to pick up my sewing machine for my upcoming Saturday session with Raleigh quilting friends.  

What on Earth am I going to work on???  Your guess is as good as mine!!!  There are SEW many options.  I'll be sure to let you know (once I decide.)  I will say that Blooming 9-Patch is in the running.

Needleb will NOT be working on this one in June's RSC Color of the Month - too much birthday prep for the family party:

RSC Quilters, see the bits of TEAL/TURQUOISE/AQUA???

THURSDAY - Woke up REALLY early this morning!  I made sure to make good use of my time...

By doing some blog surfing.

No, really!  It was a GOOD thing!!

I found the inspiration for my Improv Swap Challenge.  Since I had taken care of my morning routine, I went straight up to the sewing room to cut into the scraps in my swap package.

In other news...

My weekly Quilt Group met... Without me.  :o((

The group met at the other end of the county from where I was spending my day.  Maybe I'll get to see them next week.

FRIDAY - Adventure awaits!!  Knit Group went on a  road trip to Greensboro today.  But first, Hilary helped me fixed (meaning she did the fixing!) that hole in my sweater, which turned out to be more than an extra yarn over.  This looks much better:

The Shoe Market, Viva Tea Shop, and Lucky 32 were on the itinerary.

Happy Birthday, Kim:

Fun, fun day!!  She loved the Quilted Yarn Bowl that I made.  Just ignore the fact that it's the one that I made for myself.  I didn't get a chance to make one just for her (and this one suits her perfectly!)

On another note...

Barb at Fun With Barb blog posted a BLOGGER FIX for comment notification emails. I don't have a clue if it really works, but I went through the process.  It seems like it should.  Only time will tell.  In the meanwhile, thank you to Barb for restoring hope!

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at the Sew Scrappy blog.  Angela and the others will have to wait.  I'm off to a Sew Saturday event!  Catch ya later, RSC Quilters.

Until next time...
Get scrappy!!!


  1. Sounds like a whirlwind week. Hope you get to catch your breath this weekend and get in some good stitching time.

  2. LOVE your blooming 9-patch. I haven't done one of those...yet. Have a great week, Joy! Can't wait to see what you do with that Improv Swap Challenge fabric.

  3. The email fix worked for me - hope it does for you, too! I think your scrappy fabric bowls make great gifts for friends!

  4. Another busy week. Hope those turquoise bits can come out to play soon.

  5. I tried the email fix too. Fingers are crossed!

  6. Teal or no teal- sounds like a fun week.

  7. A busy week as usual for you, I do see a bit of Teal here. Reading through you post reminds me of the song Friday I'm in Love by The Cure - upbeat and fun, like your week. My choir will be singing it on Sunday at our year end performance.

  8. Sounds like you had a busy week! Love the T-shirt!

  9. Your week sounds like my whole month! But it's good you got in some socialization, even if you didn't get to finish all the quilting you'd planned!


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