Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - Weekend Productivity

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This past weekend was a welcome relief from the working weekends our family had during the first couple of weeks in July.  Done is the flooring.  Goodbye to the painting.  Hello to my studio and quilting friends!!!


Britt came over in the early afternoon.  While she got busy on a special quilt, I got busy on a couple of miscellaneous tasks.

First,  I applied borders to the Missing Quilt.

Then came a Knife Roll for DS1:

Cute little package, but WHAT is a knife roll, Joyful?!?!

DS1 has recently become a collector of pocket knives.  Some of them are (as he refers to them) "homeless", meaning they weren't shipped in their box.  This makes it more difficult for him to store them without damage.


Back before school got out for the summer, DS1 came up with the plans for a knife roll.  His girlfriend drew up the plans for him. Unfortunately, he left them at school and later explained what he was hoping his carrier to be.

HERE is what I made from the rough sketch I drew back in June...



Content Detail:

Note:  DS1 designed and made the beautiful wooden knife scales.

After dinner, I remembered another project that has been sitting on my To Do List for quite some time.


I gathered the necessary materials for:

2 Recycled/Upcycled T-Shirt Pillowcases for DS1 (using parts of SIX old T-shirts).

Case One:

Case Two:

Please excuse the bad lighting.  I took these photos at night.  Just before bedtime.  Sleep well, DS1!!!


Helena came over during late morning and stayed until midafternoon.  As she worked on first a pillowcase and then her Daybreak Quilt, I got busy with a project that SHOULD have been taken care of at the end of May.

My Personal Panto Inventory:

Taking photos of these kept me busy until it was time for lunch.

Thanks for including these with the machine, C!!

After lunch, I finally had a workable idea for my July Block Drive block for Covered in Love:

Thank you for making it easy to contribute, Kat!!

Next up, came taking stock of Diane's panto offerings:

Thanks for giving me "right of first refusal", Diane!!

After Helena left, I was feeling ambitious and continued working.

I was pulled toward my Calico Rick Rack and completed the following tasks toward completing it:

Reloaded it on Longarm
Quilted the Inner Border
Removed it from Longarm

By this time, it was time to eat... Whew!!

With dinner done and a trip to the grocery store behind me, I read a chapter of my book then decided to head back upstairs.

Here's what I accomplished:

Squared up Calico Rick Rack

Then I moved on to the Missing Quilt:

Loaded the Back
Floated the batting and top
Auditioned Thread:

Only a few minutes left until bedtime!!

Quick!  Choose a Panto so one MORE task is crossed off the list:

What a wonderfully productive weekend!!!  I am SEW pleased.  Most of all, I am so thankful that my friends were able to schedule time for a (working) visit.  Come back soon, you two!!  

Until next time...
Make time for your quilting friends!!!

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  1. Fun AND productive. Can't beat a combination like that!


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