Friday, July 29, 2016

Design Floor Friday - Match. Set. Point!!

Welcome to the next edition of Design Floor Friday!!  As you may have guessed, I've been busy arranging and rearranging the shirts for the Tennis Quilt.  This week's festivities included a(nother) meeting with my client.

A little history that I may not have shared prior to now...

My client is also one of my very best friends.  Oh!  Did I mention that she is an artist?  Yep!  Have you ANY IDEA how picky an artist can be about a quilt made for her "baby"???

Well, she can have fairly strong feelings about the quilt design, I can assure you.  (This week's meeting is the THIRD that we've had concerning said quilt project.)  I must admit that this one formed less of a bruise to my quilter's pride.

Most clients get TWO meetings.  One when they deliver the shirts and another when I deliver the quilt!!  I'm sure that you can understand the extenuating circumstances in this case.  I really do want the quilt to be EXACTLY what she wants it to be... or I'll NEVER hear the end of it!!!  LOL

This is the layout that I had decided upon:

The top half was rearranged a little bit...

... And the bottom half saw a few revisions:

I won a couple of points, but the match went to my client (as she was more concerned about "order of importance" than "color balance" for a pleasing quilt.)

I look at it this way...

I never have to see the quilt again (once it's been sewn, quilted, bound, and delivered.)  She will have to see it every time she washes the bedding for the next four years!

At least she didn't ask me to arrange everything in chronological order!!!  THAT made for a TERRIBLE quilt!!!  :o((

Until next time...
The customer is ALWAYS right!!!

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