Saturday, July 2, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 27

Welcome to Week 27 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week you will see a transition from AQUA with lime accents to ???  I will also post my Month in Review segment, to show you what I accomplished during June.

SUNDAY afternoon found me up in the studio transforming the unquilted top that you saw at the end of last week...

... Into THIS lightly quilted quilt:

Just ONE more pass and, for all intents and purposes, it will be DONE!!  However, current quilting protocol requires me to quilt something in BOTH of the borders as well as something in the plain "squares."  Sigh...

On MONDAY, I had fully intended to attend Knit Group. Unfortunately, one of my friends needed a caretaker for the day.  Duty calls!

I did take the time to post another edition of Mail Call Monday.  Head over to see the lovely gift I received from Peggy at Sew Enjoyable.

After dinner, though, I went to have another go at the quilt.  This time, the outer border is completely quilted:

TUESDAY morning was supposed to be filled with T-shirts meeting fusible for my next commission quilt, but since I missed Knit Group yesterday, I decided that getting together with one or two of my knitting buddies sounded like a better idea.  An afternoon filled with "pressing matters" was the general idea...

Until I decided that the "negative space" was positively screaming for some quilting:

After my monthly quilt group, one of the quilters stopped by with some "scraps" of the background fabric for my Tiny Nines:

That's SOME scrap!!  It measures around a quarter-yard.  Thank you for sharing, Kirsten!!

On WEDNESDAY, I managed to stay home to work on my T-Quilt Commission.  The order of the shirts had to be revamped due to an additional shirt delivered last week.  :o((

THURSDAY members of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge said goodbye to:


I also got another row or two of the Tennis Quilt stabilized.  Hooray for progress.  :o))

Here is the Month in Review for AQUA MONTH...

ONE (1) Maverick Star:

ONE (1) Slab:

ONE (1) String:

ONE (1) Tiny Nine:

That's FOUR (4) blocks made during AQUA month:

Add to that ONE (1) Rainbow Crumb Block:

For a grand total of FIVE (5) blocks made in the month of June:

On FRIDAY the RSC Quilters said hello to HOT PINK, as evidenced by my fingers and toes:

Again, with a hint of Lime Green.  (Not shown in photo above.)  What IS that Angela up to with all this LIME?!?!  (Makes no difference to me... I LOVE LIME!!!)

SATURDAY is the day for Angela's weekly LINK PARTY and today was no different.  Click over to visit the various participant blog links.  Certain to get your creative juices flowing!

I'll catch up later...

THIS is my HOT PINK sighting for today.  You can plainly see how my day was spent:

Nope!!  NO time for HOT PINK sewing!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. I know, lime seems to be on my mind these days. Love the hot pink nails!

  2. You are having so much fun with long arm quilting machine. Love your progress and the negative spaces are positively wonderful with these wiggly lines. Enjoy! ;^)

  3. Happy to see you quilting away and making progress! That hot pink on your fingers and toes is FABULOUS!

  4. I love the hot pink fingers and toes, too, and also all your June blocks! Those Maverick stars are really my favorite!

  5. Great fingers and toes! Enjoy the hot pink sewing...I hope to play with some lime green this month.

  6. Oh! What a great idea to paint our fingernails and toenails in the color of the month! Will do pink this month (and should’ve done teal last month, LOL). I love lime, too, but if you don’t want to put it with the pink, put it in the coconut and drink it all up ..... (groan....)

  7. Great maverick star & tiny nine! Love the hot pink nails!

  8. Can't get enough of lime these days, I guess. Fine with me. Just have to unload a lot of Rose and pink to see what I've got. In my book, five blocks is a goal reached. Don't forget your longarm work. Sounds like you need a little something to liven up that part of things. Here's hoping you have a fun week.

  9. Love the Hot Pink nails!! Cute little maverick star and you've been busy with the quilting machine I see.

  10. Very pretty teal blocks. Teal is a color that is really not in my scraps.

  11. Hi,
    Love all the blocks you made. Also love the Hot Pink polish, pretty. Have a great day!


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