Saturday, April 2, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 14

Welcome to Week 14 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was a SLOW week for sewing.  If you can suffer through the boring parts, the MAY be a little bit of fun stuff at the end.

SUNDAY was a travel day.  DH, DS1, and I went to visit the in-laws.  Hoppy Bunny Day!!!

On MONDAY, my little friends and I went to Northgate Mall to ride the carousel:

Make memories with a ride on the Island Carousel
Photo from mall website.

TUESDAY, my little friends and I went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.  HERE is the path into the (new-to-me) Hideaway Woods little kids' section:

Pebble quilting, anyone???

And later, I met some friends at the Hillsborough Library for our monthly evening Quilt Bee meeting and trimmed up O's T-Quilt:

No good picture, but Deborah took a good one later in the week, so it's what you see above.

On WEDNESDAY, Linda and I met at Ella's for a Sew Day.  They try to have one each time Linda is "tracked out" from school.  This time, I was able to join them for most of the day.  I cut the squares to create the setting triangles for Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt.  Imagine them in the photo below:

And... I also accomplished a fair amount of pressing and cutting for my Barn Dance QAL:

After spending the bulk of the day working on quilt stuff, I went to get my hair cut!!

THURSDAY morning was CRAZY!!  I had to take the girls to school and get back in time to greet my friends.  Oops!  I forgot to put on the coffee!!!  Quilt Group REQUIRES it... and a snack to go with it.  Today's offering was Cinnamon Muffins.  YUM!!!

In the spirit of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, a fond farewell to PURPLE greeted my guests:


This page break is brought to you by the color PURPLE!!!  Yes, you guessed it.  The time has come for another Month in Review...

ONE (1) Maverick Star Block:

THREE (3) Slab Blocks:

Or... would that be TWO (2) Rainbow Crumb Blocks and ONE (1) Slab Block?!?!  I can't recall.

ONE (1) String Block:

ONE (1) Tiny Nine:

For a total of SIX (6) blocks made during PURPLE month with some yellow accents thrown in for good measure:

With that reporting complete, I take you back to THURSDAY and the rest of my week.


Where were we???

Oh!!  The quilters were coming and THURSDAY progressed.

But first...

Austerity Quilters, I am NOT responsible for friends who bring scrappy hostess gifts!!  (Thanks, Joanna!!)  These will be added to the collection and put to good use:

For those of you who are waiting to hear about DS2's college options, this afternoon he found out that he got accepted to UNC Chapel Hill.  Only 29% of applicants do!!!

And later...  Just when I thought Angela had fallen into a black hole at school...

She posted the April Color Announcement:


In other words:

With a hint of...

or an accent of...

On FRIDAY, I headed off to Knit Group at Reed's today.  We made it back to Friday because of my schedule for the week.  I finished my friend Cindy's Boneyard shawl:

After lunch, I prepared my hands for some ORANGE sewing:

I can tell you, as I type this, the nails on my LEFT hand are natural colored, but FOUR of the nails on my RIGHT hand are ORANGE!!  It's called MOOD polish and it changes color with the temperature. That's why I got the little design on one finger of each hand... so there would ALWAYS be a bit of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month showing through.  :o))

SATURDAY is the day that I join the LINK PARTY at the Sew Scrappy Blog.  I've got some time before Needleb arrives for Art Bee... Follow me over to see what the other RSC Quilters have been working on this week.  It's BOUND to be GOOD!!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Busy month with lots of good work. Hmm! Mood polish? Haven't heard of that one.

  2. I was startled a moment... I grew up with Northgate mall in Tampa... long gone now

  3. You call that a slow week? Ouch! Love the purple blocks ... all of them. Hurray for orange!! Very interesting nail polish. ;^)

  4. What a week! And a fun collection of blocks for April, too!

  5. I'd call that a busy week, with lots going on. Lovely purple blocks; it's goinf to be fun to see what you do with them all.

  6. What a great week! The Museum of Life and Science has just gone onto my list of places to visit. I don't think it is possible to ever get enough purple and your blocks are fabulous. Boneyard is my favorite shawl to knit and yours is just gorgeous. I've made a few and it's my favorite car knitting. The mood nail polish looks like fun.

  7. Woo, what a week! John has taken a shine to your scraps, so the bag sits where he can sort it. Thanks again.

  8. Love your purple blocks and the Mood manicure is awesome!

  9. A nice set of blocks and the wedding quilt is so lovely. The simple color scheme always does justice to that 9-patch setting. Keep up the good work!

  10. Pretty purple blocks! The maverick star is my favorite. I like all the colors but purple and orange are my favorites, so more fun times ahead!

  11. That nine patch is really tiny! Seems you had a great week, right?!

  12. I love all that you have going on! The gathering of both quilters and knitters is a treasure!

  13. What a busy time!! Love the mood nail polish, as you say it's ideal for the start of an orange month.

  14. Nice blocks. Your manicure is awesome!!


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