Saturday, March 26, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 13

Welcome to Week 13 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Who knows WHAT was going on this week?!  Extra band rehearsals, MPAs, packing for a Spring Break (Band Trip), and visiting with family for the Easter Holiday.  Whew!!  Let's see if Joyful was able to find some sewing time...

SUNDAY was the day that my friends and I got together to make the Bluff Thank You Quilt:

It's also the day that I get to tell you the news from yesterday about DS2.  :o))

When we got back from touring UNCG on Saturday afternoon, he found an email from NC State saying that decisions had been made.  He checked on the website and was ACCEPTED!!

He heard back from Elon University couple of hours later.  Not only was he accepted, but he also received a Presidential Scholarship.  (Still not sure if that will actually make it affordable, though!!)

On MONDAY morning, I went to Knit Group and spent the afternoon __________.

PLEASE!!  Fill in the blank above, because I simply can NOT recall what I did!!  In my comings and goings, I spotted some PURPLE pansies at the front of the neighborhood:

The evening, however, was set aside for Quilt Guild.  It was my turn to drive the carpool.

TUESDAY morning, I thought that I might wander over to the Donation Quilt meeting and afterwards, I took a trip out to:

Where Bo is:

In the afternoon, I spent some time with my next door neighbor's 8 month old baby.  So sweet!!

WEDNESDAY morning, I did some housework and went to do a Quilt Presentation at a local retirement community.  It had been canceled, but there was an Iris Art Exhibit...

... In the RSC Color of the Month, along with bits of this month's Accent Color:

During the midday, I worked on S's T-quilt:

LOOK!!  there is even a lavender T-shirt (which can certainly be called light PURPLE, too!)

The afternoon?  DS2 had Band MPAs.  That's Music Performance Assessments for those of you not familiar with band things.  I couldn't go because I was scheduled to pick up the girls.  :o((

I was able to drop off some dinner when school got out.  He was thrilled that he wouldn't go hungry!!

Since there was no boy to cook for, DH and I met for dinner... ALONE.  :o))

Although... in not so many months, that will be the NORM, instead of the EXCEPTION!!  :o((

On THURSDAY, I was pleased to spend the morning at my weekly Quilt Group meeting.  I came away the proud owner of MORE scraps:

Afterwards, I ran errands in preparation for DS2's trip to Florida (this weekend.)

Oops!  I meant to show the quilters this painting that I saw at Carol Woods on Tuesday:

We have a number of bird lovers in the group:

Look!!  The birds are singing:

If the title isn't a dead giveaway... it's a relatively new watercolor painting being offered for sale:

FRIDAY morning was a whirlwind of last minute packing, as DS2's Band Trip left from the school promptly at 9 AM:

Thus begins THREE whole days without him.  (Guess I should get used to it since he's going off to college in the Fall!!!)  Sigh...

Oh!  Good news!!  O's T-Quilt is quilted and it looks GREAT!  (Thanks, Bo!!):

It's hard to see in this photo, but since O is a sporty guy, the quilting was done with a multi-sport ball panto.  There are golf balls, baseballs, and soccer balls.  O is SURE to love it!!

Want to hear even MORE good news???

I also made progress on his sister's T-Quilt, but you can read about that HERE.

On SATURDAY morning, I joined the LINK PARTY over on Angela's So Scrappy Blog.  We're getting closer to another Color Announcement!!!  I'd LOVE to have a look at what all of the RSC Quilters have been working on, but that will have to wait until I get back from Raleigh.  I'm on my way out the door to go get DS1.  He's coming home for his Spring Holiday (not to be confused with his Spring Break, which was two or three weeks ago!)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Closing with PURPLE (and yellow) goodness in the form of an Iris Art Quilt by Dee Dee.


  1. Busy busy times. Sounds like things are sure to calm down soon though. Such exciting college news! It is great to have choices.

  2. Joy, Congratulations. All the best to your son.
    Lovely picture of the ladies. Good to see everyone so well.
    Great quilts and water color too.
    Keep busy and sewing on.

  3. Oh my goodness - I'm tired just reading all this! You have way more energy than I do!
    Congrats to the son! And thanks for all the eye candy!

  4. Please congratulate your son and wish him well wherever he chooses to go. Thanks for the iris art photos. I used to raise hundreds of them and was active in the iris judging, but don't get to see many here.

  5. Busy, busy! Whatever will you do with yourself next fall? Enjoy all the commotion while it is there.

  6. What a great week! The time when I have no kids at home seems so far away, it's hard to imagine!

  7. congrats for your son! Love the Iris quilts specially the last one. This morning Happy Easter.

  8. A very busy week. Congrats to DS#2. Our DT is a junior this year, she was busy yesterday looking up colleges, so we are starting the application process soon. Any words of wisdom on that? Hope you find some time for stitching this week.

  9. LOVE O's T-quilt! Congratulations to DS2! Way to go!

  10. Quite a lot of goodness in this week's post -- wonderful!!


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