Friday, March 25, 2016

Design Floor Friday {Progress on...} S's T-Quilt

Welcome to the next edition of Design Floor Friday!!  This is the day of the week that I share what I'm working on.  If there's a quilt in the design phase, you'll hear about it.  Lucky for you...

S's T-Quilt is STILL down on the design floor.  Next week, maybe not.  This week?  It's seeing some action.  Today, it went from testing out some scrappy HSTs around the ruched "S" block...

... To several blocks being completed since the sun came up this morning!!  (Those blocks include three of the four "yellow" squares and the dark block surrounded by a leaf print over on the LEFT.)

I decided what to do with the Hello Kitty block in the upper RIGHT corner...

... Combining it with her dance pants and a bit of fabric from a pair of animal print leggings:


... And then I ended up with only FOUR more blocks to sort out:

The wood floor and the carpeting don't REALLY belong!!!  :P

Just before cleaning up to go to dinner (@ I LOVE NY Pizza) I had an idea about how to include the infant sized football jersey:

The color blended well enough with the (remains of the) baby carrier-thingy.  SCORE!!!

Until next time...
Progress is GOOD!!!

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