Saturday, March 5, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 10

Welcome to Week 10 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each week I link-up with Angela over at the So Scrappy Blog.  She is the host of the RSC16, a project that is near and dear to my heart.  The Rainbow Scrap Challenge encourages us to USE our fabric scraps!! Angela has even designed a Column-Along Sampler Quilt for this year's Challenge.  Feel free to join in at any time.

On SUNDAY, I found that Denise Russart at Justquiltin Blog is hosting a Barn Dance Quilt A Long. Unlike other QALs that she's hosted, there isn't a set schedule for block releases.  You will have to keep checking back to see when she has moved on to the next step.  Here is Denise's photo of what the quilt will look like when it is done:


I just found out that one of my nieces is engaged to be married (Congrats, Robyn!!!) and Denise is making her version for a wedding quilt, too.  Perfect!!  Now to decide on a color scheme...

MONDAY - Happy Leap Day!!  Knit Group met today.  There were so many scheduling conflicts that it was either today or Friday.  Quite frankly, Friday was simply TOO far away!!

In addition to it being Leap Day, it is also the LAST day of February.  You know what that means, don't you?  It's time for the Month in Review.  I made...

ONE (1) Maverick Star Block:

ONE (1) Slab Block:

ONE (1) String Block:

ONE (1) Tiny Nine:

For a total of FOUR (4) blocks made during BROWN month (with accents of pink):

But, WAIT!!!  There's more...

FOUR (4) Rainbow Crumb Blocks were made (even though some of the blocks don't look very crumb-like):

4 + 4 = 8

February's grand total to EIGHT (8) blocks produced:

How's that for finding a bit of balance?!?!

On TUESDAY, since it's the 1st day of March, I want to share the news of Angela's March Color Announcement.  Below, you will find her color inspiration photo:

Can you guess???

Perhaps, THIS photo of my current manicure can help.  I'm shocked that I chose a shade of...

The Color of the Month for March:

Angela threw in an accent color of the daffodils STILL blooming in my front garden:

YELLOW!!  :o))

WEDNESDAY, I sorted through the options for my niece's wedding quilt...

Option One is a combination of scraps gifted to me by my dear friend, Diane.  It's a combination of Modern prints and a hand full of solids:

Option Two is pulled from my "basket" of multi-colored scraps:

Option Three is my bag of batik scraps:

Each of these options come with an inherent set of challenges and, honestly, I'm not confident that ANY of them hold enough fabric for the quilt that I shared with you on Sunday.  Even if I discount the fact that I will need to source background fabric elsewhere in the stash!!

On THURSDAY morning, I went to take K and L to school.  That was BEFORE my Quilt Group meeting at Joanna's Mountain.  After the meeting, the ladies lunched at Bennett Pointe Grill and after that, I came home to play in my PURPLE and yellow scraps:

While waiting for our new KING SIZED bed to arrive, I pulled some PURPLE fabrics for a Maverick Star Block, but didn't manage to find any yellow for the background squares:

Later that night, after the new bed was made and all of DS2's scholarship paperwork was complete, I took a look around BlogLand and THIS is what I found:

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

I saw it in Gramma's Quilting Room and followed her link to Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Both blog posts made for interesting reading.  If you are in one of my "Real Life" quilt groups or The Stash Busters Challenge on Ravelry... you KNOW that I have a problem, too....

FRIDAY proved to be a productive day, in between running up and down the stairs peering at O's quilt (read more about that in this Design Floor Friday post) and stitching at the machine, I completed...

ONE Tiny Nine in PURPLE with a yellow center:

ONE Rainbow Crumb Block (that looks like it was trying to imitate a Log Cabin Block) done in the Colors of the Month:

ONE Slab Block in PURPLE with yellow accents:

And THIS strange strippy thing...

... Was magically transformed into ONE String Block in PURPLE with a touch of yellow:

On SATURDAY, I took DS2 to All-State Auditions (for Concert AND Jazz Band.) Yes.  He COULD have driven himself, but auditions were a LONG way away and he wanted to get some extra sleep on the way there... and on the way back!!

When I got home, I was tired, but managed to finish this post and join Angela's LINK PARTY.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. Way to go on surviving a busy week! I loved Denise's quilt too, but I have no business starting a new quilt right now, so I'm trying to ignore it.

  2. Your tiny nines are truly tiny! I don't think I realized quite how tiny until I saw the one on the ruler! So cute! Enjoyed seeing all of your other blocks, too!

  3. You have been very busy. I love the itty bitty nine patch blocks. Thanks for the link to the sew along. I am going to check it out.

  4. I used to follow Denise, but somehow lost her bookmark. I love her new project, so I will check out her site today!!
    You are off to a great start this block. Love the crumb block and teenie tiny 9 patch!

  5. I love Denise new project. Oh it is so hard to resist but I must. Too much to do already. I'll finish a few things than I'll just in. Love your purple blocks. ;^)

  6. Denise's project is an irresistible one and your future newlyweds will be so happy to have it. It just sings! Those tiny nines are amazingly small. I am in awe, but will never attempt one. Have a more restful week.

  7. Thanks for visiiting my blog and leaving your very kind comment. Love that churn dash quilt -- it might be fun to join in as part of RSC!

  8. Really enjoyed reading about your week, both in real life and in QBL. So you have several RSC projects on the go it appears? Oh how I want to do another string quilt when I see your beauty, but I am resisting as I know it will suck me into its web! Pun intended.


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